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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday" Spider-Woman / Bronze, Silver, & Beyond

Spider-Woman: Vol 1 issue 4 (1978)

Now I'm sure where this scene is going to lead up to, right? If not, I can give you a slight hint as to where we are going:

Spider-Woman: vol. 1 issue 6 (1978)

But that is actually false because the Spider-Woman chair scene happened here:

Spider-Woman vol. 1 issue 5 (1978)

Ah, that's right! Spider-Woman is Helpless moment! That's right. Now, I need not talk about it too much because I could talk about it all night. That's not what I'm here for, believe it or not. I mean, if you are all interested in that, just check out my other topics (RedPulp, Telikor, LordTabaqui, and so much more). What I'm trying to say is that this moment is great. Spawned a whole lot of commissions, fanarts, inspirations, etc. Yes, we are all aware. Not a whole lot can beat this iconic moment for Jessica Drew's DiD days. So with a sting of regret, we are not going to talk about this moment. What we will touch base on is the smaller moments that Jessica Drew had with ropes, chains, and shackles. Believe me, there are a lot more than what I have pointed out in this blog. So, with that intro set, let's get into it, shall we? So Jess, love ya to death but let's take a look at all your moments in distress!

Spider-Woman: Vol. 1 issue 8 (1978)

Now she's in chains and bound with a man? To be fair, this one has the real #DiD moment inside. While the art leaves a few things to be desired, it's good enough for the age and what it delivers.

Spider-Woman: Vol. 1 issue 10 (1978)

Not two issues later, we have a mummification? Yes, that's right! We have mummification alright. Courtesy of Gypsy Moth. I swear they could've used Gypsy Month more to be the default DiD villainess for Jess way back when. But alas, they did not utilize her that way.

Spider-Woman: vol. 1 issue 11 (1978)

And an issue later, we get the ever-so-memeable panel where Jessica asked about not being able to go a week without someone tying her up. I mean, welcome to the life of a heroine, Jessica.

Spider-Woman vol. 1 Issue 20 (1979)

Surprisingly, we go 9 issues without someone tying her up. She's no Golden Age Wonder Woman but the fact that the first time she meets up with Spider-Man, and the first time she is telling her story--she gets a DiD moment with her flashback. Funny.

This time around, Jessica is left tied up to a pole while the place is on fire. Poletied too. And I wonder why she is never gagged after her little chair time.

Spider-Woman vol. 1 issue 23 (1979)

And she must've really needed help. She got rescued by someone in a wheelchair!

Now this is an interesting DiD time! She's pole tied -again- and seemingly with weak binds, right? And she's unable to break through them.

Spider-Woman vol 1 issue 24 (1980)

And a guy is literally using her as a bondage model? And a great peril is what Spider-Woman has to deal with and it's also a to-be-continued scenario?! Yes, I'm all in! The last time we got this was in Spider-Woman 4-5! I bet it would be a bit more exciting than the (in)famous chair scene tie, right?

Spider-Woman: Vol. 1 issue 25 (1980)

Well, that first page is something. It's right in your face, Jessica Drew in distress!

Struggling fervently against her bindings (which, to the surprise of some, changed all of a sudden).

And just like her other DiD moments, it usually has an anticlimactic moment. Like, why can't they chain her legs?

Also, she breaks those restraints way too easily as if she shouldn't have had issues with them in the first place. But can't complain too much since the art is good and the scenes are something I adore. Again, the issue with putting a super strong heroine in distress is usually flawed when she can just break free of the bindings.

Spider-Woman: Vol. 1 Issue 27 (1980)

Sorry, bait and switch. But it is a gal i na Spider-Woman outfit and technically Jessica saved her, so she's there.

But, here's the same issue! Not so bad, right? But trust me, she gets out of these bindings pretty damn fast.

Marvel Team-Up: Vol 1 issue 27 (1980)

A team up and Jessica Drew is all chained up. I'm not opposed to that! I'm going to guess that she just breaks out of these chains almost immediately. At least they could've gagged her, you know?

Spider-Woman: vol. 1 issue 38 (1981)

Yes, there is a criminal at large. Now gag her. All 'joking' aside, this is a pretty good opening--DiD nature, art, and all.

Spider-Woman: vol. 1 issue 39 (1981)

Ah. The superheroine preserves her secret identity by 'acting' as a total DiD in front of the baddies trope. Classic.

A girlish shriek of terror? It should've been stifled with a good gag! Okay, enough poking at the lack of gags... though that is a common thread. Also, unless I missed something, this might be the last "good DiD" moment within Spider-Woman's initial run. Yes, I'm aware of the 50th issue ... but I DiD say "good", right?

Avengers: vol. 4 issue 12.1 (2011)

Now I might have missed a few before 2011. And yes, I'm purposely leaving Veranke's DiD moment in Civil War and the New Avengers run. Although she has Jess' body, I'm trying to keep this one specifically Jessica Drew. Speaking of body, she's naked here.

Her venom blasts are also taken into consideration by her captors. Good for them.

And that's a fantastic view for these two evil-doers, eh? Shoudl've tied her legs, eh?

Avengers vol. 4 issue 22 (2012)

Didn't read this comic, but seems like there's a decent DiD scene. Now, it's not anything grand but her hands in front with some (most likely) titanium bindings and she looks so meek and helpless. And she's behind bars so, there's that.

Avengers Assemble: issue 12 (2014)

This scene is entertaining because of the banter. And 3 Spider-Women tied to a chair--Yes, I just called Natasha a Spider-Woman and Spider-Girl as a Spider-Woman too. But the AIM folks could've done a better job with the bindings and maybe a gag. Jess' legs aren't even tied!

Talk about a missed opportunity for a homage!

Captain Marvel vol 10 issue 22 (2020)

Didn't read this one either but it's got black tendrils DiD going on and Jessica seems to be a victim of it.

Spider-Woman vol 7 Issue 21 (2021)

A Spider-Lady all webbed up--always love that irony. Even better that Jessica Drew is the one in such bondage!

I also don't know what is going on since I didn't read this comic book. Also, that small triangle is atrocious-looking. But yeah, I'm down for this moment.


MISC Media

Now, we have some other DiD moments of Jessica Drew. We'll start going through some of the ones I found.

Now this is a Spider-Woman comic book published in... Mexico? It remixed some of the iconic DiD moments while adding the issue 23 (1979) DiD moment and putting it as a cover. I'm down for it!

Now the scene above is the scene that really started my interest in Jess' DiD moment. Might be one of the first cartoon DiDness that piqued my hobby now. Mind you, the animated series is my first introduction to any Marvel character. Yes, Spider-Woman is my first introduction. But yes, she's tied to some nasty frozen meat. Also, Kingpin here looks terrifying like Nosferatu.

A Chewbacca captor?! What? I didn't watch this episode.

That's a lot of ropes for her and all for it. BUT, where's the gag? And why are hands not behind her?

Ultimate Alliance 2 was disappointing for one reason: Spider-Woman was not a playable character. She's got a DiD moment though! Sure it's a swappable moment with Black Widow--depends on whose side are you on. And yes, that's right. Natasha is also an NPC. Imagine that! Ultimate Alliance DiD some odd things.

That's it for now and I'm sure I missed a few out there. If anyone out there who knows what I missed, please comment and share! As of right now, this one is hoping that we do get more DiDness for Jessica Drew. SURE, I can commission more, but I'm talking about canon! Come on Marvel, stop going forward and swerve a bit. Jess looks good in ropes. Anyway, this was fun. I'm sure this isn't the last time Jessica Drew will be featured in this or any kind of capacity.

Until Next Time!

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