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Banpresto: Super Saiyan-God Super Saiyan Vegeta

Updated: May 28, 2023

Hey, look! Another Ban Presto in my collection! And another Dragonball character, Vegeta to be exact, to pile into my collection! If it's not obvious, I'm a fan of Vegeta. Well, enough of that! Let's get into the review!

The box has a nice look to it. While it is just another import box, it definitely feels a bit outside the vibe of BanPresto. Maybe because it's the bright colors and the glowing blue hair that Vegeta's got going on, eh? Regardless, the box looks great and it definitely caught my eye when it was in the store.

I don't know what "hassy + a" means but I guess. We'll go with it.

There is some assembly required and Vegeta isn't too happy about it. All joking aside, the head fits in kind of loosely. But if he stays standing up in a pose, it's fine.

I do like this look for Vegeta, truth to be told. While Super had some questionable artistic moments for me, Vegeta wearing this modified Saiya-jin armor looks very classic and that's a good thing. Also, that blue hair for his new Saiyan form is always nice. It looks even better in the Super movie (or any movie for that matter) because the art quality is higher budget. Glad it translated to the way this looks--for the most part. Still, I'm rather impressed with this look and its overall presentation as an action figure.

Now I will say right off the get-go that there is a rubbery feel to this figurine. In fact, it's so rubbery that at times that it cannot stand on its own. The saving grace is that the posture has enough stability that it manages to balance a bit without it falling over too fast. Speaking of posture, this one definitely speaks of Vegeta's pride and power. The sculpting work leans towards the anime's aesthetics which is really what we can ask for. Though when we get to the color part, there is something I would like to point out to make a few points that make things questionable. All in all, the pose, the look, it definitely iterates The Prince of all Saiyans.

Colors definitely have some qualities that I really like. There are some efforts with shading and the blue hair tries to emulate the glowing hair. My gripe goes back to the rubbery notion--the material given definitely makes it a questionable thing. The gloves look a bit translucent at times, and then the hair, while I complimented it, definitely doesn't exactly pull off the right look through vertain angles. But all in all, it does look good and pulls it off just fine.

Here he is next to Banpresto Vegeta. Between the two, I do like this Banpresto Vegeta.

He's got a presence, doesn't he? One of these days I'm going to have to lean on getting some kind of special effects for fluffing up photos.

For the price tag I paid for I'd say he's alright. The promo shot on the box definitely did the job of selling. If anyone is a big fan of Vegeta then by all means he is a decent catch but do know that you might get a really defiant figurine in regards to standing, a gummy feel to his overall build, and then the weird spoots of his paint job. All in all though, I'd say he has a place in my collection. Though I do need a Gohan and Piccolo figurine. And Banpresto definitely makes me question the next round of seeing them.

Until Next Time!

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