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Bishoujo: Lady Deadpool (Review)

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

Yes, that's right! The Merc with the Mouth's female version! Wade Wilson with the qualities that would make her all the more of a fan service than he already is! As always, Bishoujo will put their own twist in this character, so let's go ahead and check her out!

Lady Deadpool is an older figure as I mentioned before. But regardless of time, Kotobukiya seems to keep their Bishoujo's boxes consistent.

Can always depend on Kotobukiya to deliver art that is 100% true to the product. Their product shots are also not too far away from the final product which is always appreciated. Oh, and I also have Bishoujo Spider-Gwen that I might review later.

Lady Deadpool has two options for display. She has a mask-less that is not looking that bad at all. Again, I am not familiar with Lady Deadpool/Deadpool corps so I'm not sure if this is accurate to the comic book character. I'm sure it is; she looks good so that's all there is to care about. Wouldn't expect less from the Bishoujo line, would I?

Posture wise, she plays well within the realm of what Bishoujo is trying to accomplish. She has a sexy pose for fan service and she has characteristics to pay homage to the source material. She has the signature katanas, a grenade, and all the trademark scheme that makes Deadpool recognizable. Sadly, she doesn't have any guns, but I honestly don't mind.

The details are consistent throughout the figure. As always, Bishoujo does a good job making cloth and material look good against a figure. Of course they make it a point to give the stretched material on her breasts and butt. Why wouldn't they? Do I complain?

And even her hair with that "Yuna" hair style(as I call it). The details are superb and even if it doesn't have Bishoujo's translucent tips that they usually do on female hair, it's still greatly sculpted and the shadowing is definitely something I can appreciate.

Now as far as the second option for display, it's pretty much what a fan would expect form a Lady Deadpool. Sporting the popular mask and the long ponytail that gives her another distinction that she is Lady Deadpool (if the endowed body wasn't enough to give that away), this one probably hits the geekdom spot of a Deadpool fan. The quirky way the eyes are made gives expression to an otherwise emotionless face; it's not as expressive and definitely not the one I prefer between the two, but it is still neat.

Again, Bishoujo nails their pieces with sharp paint job and clean detailing with every line. I love the added shadowing throughout the figure; it definitely makes the red look vibrant despite the dark coloring scheme.

And I will not be using this display option because all of my Bishoujos are mask-less. While part of me definitely feels that this is the one that a Deadpool fan would put up, I do want to keep the Bishoujo scheme going. Besides, the mask-less face is just beautiful.

The base she is standing on is quite simple, but works all too well, It's the Deadpool logo, which is seen throughout the figure. Even her hand grenade has said logo on it.

As I've mentioned, Lady Deadpool has been out for a while. It wasn't a Bishoujo I desired, but getting her now, I definitely appreciate her even more. It's what one would expect from Bishoujo: Sexy, beautiful, well sculpted, well painted, fan service and homage to the character, and just a great addition to the Bishoujo line up. I highly recommend Lady Deadpool to any Deadpool fan and Bishoujo collectors. She's also one of the ladies that are easier to get a hold of without costing a leg after release. Well, that's about it!

Until Next Time!

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