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Bishoujo: Pinkie Pie

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

Is this a #Bishoujo statue in my blog? Yes it is! Finally, this lovely statue has arrived after its announcement. I have always been open about how elated I am with the #MLP Equestrian Girls in the Kotobukiya world within the Bishoujo treatment. I preordered her (and have/will preorder the others) and now the wait is over! Let's just jump right into the toy review, shall we?

Oh how I miss the Bishoujo box! I just love this simple and recognizable box that #Kotobukiya provides for this wonderful statue line. For the most part, the Bishoujo boxes are white and sprinkled with the characters'/series ambiance. For My Little Pony's Pinkie Pie, the case is that she has a rainbow, horseshoe replacing the "u", and overall, it's just bright--it looks like a party design. And, of course, Shunya Yamashita's art is always nice to see grace the Bishoujo box. It's kind of a humorous thing to see that art style merging with the simple but charming look of the 4th generation of MLP. Truly, simple and consistent box, but with its own zest that can be easily pointed out as its own thing. Definitely nice.

The back of the box gives a promotional few pics of the product itself. But enough of that box. Let's get right into the statue itself!

Now let's look at the base itself, which, isn't your normal Bishoujo figure stand, for obvious reasons. The happy go jolly Pinkie Pie is a nice little decoration for the base, which, on its own, is already designed with cupcakes and balloons; the laughter Pony's signature and cutie mark.

As I mentioned, G4 MLP is simple and a bit on the cartoony side, but that doesn't mean that Kotobukiya robbed Pinkie of her recognizable traits. The nicely sculpted mane and tail, the expressive face with molded eyelashes, and the overall paint job--looks like Pinkie Pie through and through. It's a nice touch, and appreciated.

This statue has a lot going for her. Right off the get-go, it's pretty obvious that while Pikie Pie is Bishoujo-ed, she isn't exactly too sexualized. Least, not in the clothing department and she doesn't have to be. There's a lot of positive things with the Equestrian party-going gal. First let's talk sculpt. The pony version got some love but her humanoid form definitely got a lot of it!

Clothing is something that #Kotobukiya is very good at and their decision to give Pinkie Pie the outfit that she wears is something I can truly adore. It isn't a complex anime design, but all the layers with her frilly skirt, the wrinkles in her jacket, and those knee high boots doesn't exactly make it the simplest outfit out there. Needles to say that they do a fantastic job. It's almost convincing that Pinkie is wearing cloth with certain angles.

Then of course, the hair. Something about the sculpting of the hair makes it look really organic. Like they are reacting to Pinkie's exuberance. Though it's worthy to note that the tip doesn't have the translucent signature, but I think it's not missed.

I love Pinkie's posture. Very, very true to the character. She's excited, hyperactive, and definitely full of that positive energy. It truly does help that her pony version correlates with her humanoid form. Can't say anything else than this is a perfect pose for Pinkie Pie.

I can't compliment her paint job enough. They absolutely took inspiration from Pinkie's pony version and translated them well through her clothing and her hair. We can see Pinkie's blue and yellow cutie mark color scheme with her clothing, which, from the boots, the frilly skirt, the jacket, and the shirt, they are all painted well and given some good color variations. The way they distributed the color separation really compliments every aspect of her attire.

Unlike the real Equestrian Girl version of Pinkie, the Bishoujo version's skin is not pink like her pony form. She actually has a natural caucasian looking skin tone and as always, there is some good shadowing and details. Her hair color is a darker shade of pink compared to the pony next to her, but it's still pretty accurate. The logos on her shirt and her base are all well done. Clean and sharp coloring all throughout. Just as I expected.

And because we are talking about Bishoujo statues, let's look at this fantastic view of her happy pony-self. Okay perverts, she's not wearing some skimpy panties!

So what is my verdict? Clearly this is the FIRST of the MLP Equestria Girls Bishoujo and first impression is everything. I love her. It's a very unorthodox idea but something I got behind the moment I saw Yamashita's concept art. Now that she's in PVC form it all came together so well. Can't wait for Twilight Sparkle, the next Bishoujo MLP! Well, that's about it!

Until Next Time!

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