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Bishoujo: Rarity

Fourth in the line up for the #MLP #Bishoujo series! The glamorous and generous, Rarity is in the house! I'm terribly excited to review this because Rarity is a pretty interesting member of the Mane Six! So without further adieu, let's get to it!

Like the ones who came before her, Rarity comes packaged with a Bishoujo style box: full windows to see the figure inside, the beautiful artwork of Shunya Yamashita, and of course, the box is designed as close to the character's scheme and cutie mark inside said box. And as always, the figure inside is well protected so I can't complain one bit!

The prototype, once again, delivers to be as accurate to the art, the concept of the character, and the beauty of the market-wide product we received. I freaking love it!

As usual, let's start by taking a look at the Pony version. Of course, it's nothing short of beautiful and accurate to the original. Rarity's signature hair is ever so spot-on, those long and glam eyelashes, and that pose--so Rarity.

The base, of course, reflects her color and cutie mark. Standard and effective. Also, those shoes are stylishly beautiful!

Fourth in line and gorgeous to say the least! Then again, these Bishoujo MLPs are just not disappointing at all! Rarity, in particular, has a certain fabulousness that Bishoujo could not leave out. And disappoint, Kotobukiya did not! Rarity, in her posture, with her clothes, and her expression, she is nothing short of glamorous!

Rarity's clothing is nothing too outstanding. It is something I can see being worn here in the real world. Rarity's outfit is something a glamorous businesswoman would wear; the pencil skirt and the top, while not exactly the most conservative, it's an outfit that can easily be worn by someone who is going to an important interview or just an average workday. Again, it's a bit sexier than the average attire, but just give her a suit to match the skirt, and it's all professionally glam! Speaking of glam, Rarity also has the dazzling pieces of jewelry that both show off her cutie mark and to compliment the outfit. Just look at those shoes! Look at that hairpiece! Once again, I can't comment enough just how good the wrinkles are on the clothing. And then there's her hair that is a definite representation of Rarity's purple curls when in human form. The layers incorporate Rarity's familiar bangs and then the long hair that reaches her back represents her tail quite well. Her overall design is something I adore--once again, this Bishoujo series is hitting the right spots.

The sculpted pose says it all! The cartoons imply on Rarity's sex appeal; Bishoujo takes full advantage of that. Look at that expression, the look over the shoulder! The leg crossed over the other. It's perfectly Rarity. With that stance, she can perfectly swoon any... Pony (Dragon, Griffin?) that is giving her a hard time.

The way her top creases from her 'movement' is just well done!

Color application. What to say, what to say! While they didn't fully go with the Equestria Girls skin color for the series, Kotobukiya ensured that the color scheme remains potent with each pony. With Rarity, she has the contrasting white and dark purple to make her stand out and without that white skin it might spell disaster but it's incorporated in her white shirt. She has the purple miniskirt that is a few shades different than her mane/hair/tail so it doesn't blend. She has the jewelries to give some popping colors, and overall, the other small details like make-up, skin tone, shadowing, they're all top-notch so again, another well-executed Bishouojo in my shelf. Rarity's pony version may not get the same amount of color detail, but it is just as accurate and well done. All in all, it's another perfect tally mark on Bishoujo as far as I'm concerned!

That beautiful face!

And while Rarity has her cutie mark on her skirt like the rest of the other Ponies, I think it's better to point out the hairpiece and necklace that definitely represents Rarity's mark far more than a graphic on her skirt. Also, unlike the other gals, there is no 'discreet' shot of her undergarments so, surprisingly, none here to be given.

Next to Pinkie, Flutter, and Twilight, Rarity just looks awesome! This series is seriously killing it with how awesome it is! I'm confident to say that even if I wasn't a fan of MLP, I would have given these statues a look. Glad I am because these are fantastic statues.

There's not much else for me to say than I highly recommend her. Like her friends, she's well designed, well-sculpted, greatly painted, and the whole nine yards! I can't say anything else other than she's DIVINE! Buy her, seriously!

Until Next Time!

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