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Bishoujo: Twilight Sparkle

Now we have a #Bishoujo review! 2020 is getting to be a change in my collecting hobby, ain't it? Well, at least in the reviewing aspect, that is. Regardless, this Bishoujo is part of the MLP series that I am dying to have in my collection. While I can't say I'm the biggest fan of MLP, I can state that I am a fan and Twilight Sparkle is my favorite Pony (voiced by Tara Strong, aka Rikku). With that said, I'm terribly elated to have review this! Let's get to it then, shall we?

Yamashita does a fantastic job recreating Twilight Sparkle into something that is both different and familiar. One thing I adore about this design is that it stays true to Twilight's bookworm and nerdy like personality. While that's a bit hard to fully convey in her Pony/Alicorn form, when turned human, she can wear glasses, dress a bit more like the stereotype nerd, and definitely express more of what we humans consider a nerd an/or 'egghead'. But saying all that, she definitely does not lose that Bishoujo charm since she is still rather pretty and worth the sexiness that these statues provide. On a side note, I am really glad that Yamashita decided to do his own original designs rather than go the Equestrian Girls style. At one point these statues were supposed to have their 'pony-skin' color, which, I'm more than glad they didn't maintain that gimmick. I mean, it's not that hard to recognize which fandom these gals came from just by looking at their clothing and/or hair colors.

I also really like the designs of the box. It stays true to the vibrant color palette of the show. As I will always point out: #Kotobukiya does a fine job with their boxes both in design and the sake of keeping the product inside safe and sound.

While most of the love and care are spent on the human statue, the true-to-the-source-material sculpting does not disappoint. Twilight Sparkle more than resembles her cartoon pony self in this sculpt.

Along with being accurate to Twilight's wings and cutie mark, Kotobukiya decided to add some magical effect which is a nice transparent plastic--it is, after all, something that represents Twilight's affinity for magic. While Twilight's magical effects in the show isn't as glamorous as this, it is how I can picture it if MLP is an anime. Pretty cool!

The base carries on the colorful and character-based theme. We see the star/sparkle thing that is, of course, Twilight's cutie mark.

Second in the MLP Bishoujo line and I am absolutely sold with the series even more! I really love the idea of having both the human and the Pony version of themselves in the same statue. I truly pays homage to the source material.

Twilight's design isn't extravagant in terms of clothing. She actually has a pretty grounded outfit which consists of a button up polo, a bow tie, a schoolgirl skirt, calf high socks, and loafers. Of course, said clothing all have the personal touch for Twilight, color scheme and Cutie Mark design and all. As usual, Bishoujo sculpts the clothing with remarkable details. I will always praise this line for their amazing work on making fabric look organic within the plastic realm. We can't get away from talking about Twilight's flowing hair which is another standard signature that Bishoujo has: flowing dynamic hair sculpt. Not as extravagant as some other statues, but they are, for the most part, dynamic enough. I mentioned how I'm glad that this Bishoujo line doesn't jump the Equestrian Girls design but one thing I am glad they followed suit is Twilight wearing glasses--something that Sci-Twi definitely more than sports.

And while Twilight's Alicorn version is animated in posture, her human form has a little bit more of a pacified pose, which, I don't personally believe it takes away from the statue. It's a young lady casually walking, book in hand, enjoying the breeze. It's calm and serene, but there is certain level of sexiness to it.

I'm definitely more than aware that Kotobukiya is aiming these at a wider demographic so overly objectifying a highly popular icon might not hit all of the customers. For that, the calmer posture for Twilight is appreciated. But make no mistake: this IS a Bishoujo statue so there is definitely something appealing about it--in a sexy and fan service-y way, of course.

Twilight Sparkle is another character who has a color scheme that is not in my top choices of color palette. But I do enjoy the way her colors compliment each other in her Pony form; combine that with the choice of color for her magic and it all works out. Something that Bishouojo did quite well with this statue. As far as her human design, without the purple skin, it truly does take away one of Twilight's more prominent color but it is incorporated, albeit less dominantly, in her clothing. As I mentioned before, the choice of giving her normal skin color is a good choice since it allows her to have that natural Bishoujo beauty. As far as the execution of the paint job, I don't think there's anything else for me to say than it is amazing. There are shadowing where there needs to be, variations that gives each area a pop, it's clean and perfect. All in all, the coloring just really compliments the flawless sculpt and pose of this statue.

Here's a close look at the book she is holding. "The Elements of Harmony" book is, of course, the book that Twilight was heavily researching during the first episode--if I remember correctly. Good coloring and definitely juxtaposes with the rest of the statue.

And speaking of details......... look at the way the hem of the skirt just folds quite naturally, eh?

And here is Bishoujo Twilight Sparkle next to Bishoujo Pinkie Pie! Just seeing them next to each other is just a complete joy! I'm really excited for the rest of these beauties when they start rolling in this year!

With Twilight Sparkle upholding all that I adore Bishoujo for it's hard not to recommend her. Clearly MLP as a Bishoujo may be a bit odd and not everyone may be in board with it, but if one is a fan of MLP and wouldn't mind a bit of a sexier twist without it being overtly sexualized, I believe this is worth a gander. While the price may not be reasonable for many, I still want to honestly say that it's worth every penny. I'm very happy with mine! As I said, can't wait for the rest!

Until Next Time!

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