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Comic Books: Spider-Force

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

Haven't been a fan of comic books in a LONG time. I love the characters in them, but I can't find myself going back to them like before. I think for the most part comic book characters' can now live on without heavy duty support from the once great industry of comic books. That's just my opinion though so what do I know? Let's just get on with this wonderful gem I came across some time ago: Spider-Force.

Spider-Geddon follows the events of Spiderverse, which I can't say I know the details of what was going on but I can say that the Inheritors, vampires who suck the life force of Spider-Totem people like Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Ghost-Spider, etc, got out of their radioactive prison. There were many titles that spawned from Spider-Geddon, one of the more interesting ones to me is the titular post title: Spider-Force. From what I can gather, these Spider-folks are the Spider-Totem reflection of the X-Force. Undercover and meant to deal with situations that no other Spider-(Wo)Man can. The team consists of none other than Jessica Drew, the original and best Spider-Woman, Kaine the Scarlet Spider, Ashley Barton the Spider-(Bitch)Girl from Old Man Logan's universe, Spider-Kid, and then this weird new character named Astro-Spider. I'm really interested in this because it has two of my favorite characters from the Spider-Man lore: Spider-Woman(of course) and Scarlet Spider. I have a bit of a shipping going on with these two. Other than aesthetics, I actually think they can have a chemistry that could be explored. Jessica can be ruthless like Kaine because of her past but it just has to be tapped into. Kaine is just an angsty clone of the original Spider-Man that has seen life and death a bit too many times. Kaine a clone. Jessica once had her life taken over by a Skrull Queen. Ain't that something?

So far I've seen two kinds of artwork and so far they look pretty good. There are a number of artists I can say that can draw appealing art (and anatomically just) and I'm glad to say that these panels show some pretty capable talent. If Spider-Woman is ever going to get out of that nasty shadow she seems to be hanging around, she's going to need some good artists to help her out.

On a side note, Jessica Drew's kid is naturally developing Spider Powers on his own I see. Could be a good story arc, or at the very least another Spiderverse character, eh? Suffice to say, that is a wonderful panel just featuring Spider-Woman! I swear, there are times when I really dig her new costume! I mean, I'm not a hater of it by any means it's just that I'm a classic costume fan. Holds more nostalgia for me! So with that said, I will probably buy this graphic novel to see the art and just check out the story.

Now, I'm sure none of this is going to happen in the actual comic book, given the fact that it's most definitely a symbol, but I would love to see Spider-Woman and Spider-Bitch(girl) all webbed up and helpless. But again, we are in the age of social justice and tying women up in mainstream is making women look weak. Wait, how DiD I get into this tangent?

Amazing cover art! Can we ship these two together?

Seriously, these two need to be together. For the sake go giving two of my favorite characters some love and a new story arc!

Until Next Time!

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