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Commission: A'rlen's Plank Walk

Another DiD moment for the Cutest WoL in the First and the Source! This time around, A'rlen's Red Mage adventures didn't end up in a good spot for her! The swashbuckling ended when the Miqo'te ran across some dastardly clever pirates and took her captive and now punishing her by forcing her to walk the plank and... Though jokes on the pirate cause A'rlen can breathe underwater thanks to LONG STORY, right? Wrong! She's still all chained up and mostly immobilized! Even more humiliating is that her captive is using her own Rapier against her! The Fiend!

The commission is done by none other than Lunara. A very familiar artist and one that I continue to enjoy collaborating with! I'm pretty sure this isn't the last time she's gonna be taking care of A'rlen! Keep an eye out!

Until Next Time!

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