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Commission: Arlen's Crusade (She-Hulk/s)

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

And here, we go! Another #Commission to add to Arlen's Crusade! Who, ohhhh, who does Arlen managed to add to her list? Well, it's She-Hulk, of course. With the Jade Giantess becoming a bit more popular as of late (wonder why) and Arlen makes sure that she's getting a piece of the pie. A good portion, that is.

Oh, there ya go! Arlen also decided to snatch up Red She-Hulk... Betty Ross. Over achiever, that girl is. ThunkStudio really did magnificent with these. It's a color swap with some minor changes, but it really does propose a very good contrasting picture within the multiverse. Also, this picture is definitely a big ref. Wish I can find the old picture. Anyone finds it, please send me the origin so I can give credit.

Well, there you go! Another addition of the Crusade. I'm sure more is to come. Please check out Thunk's gallery.

Until Next Time!

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