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Dissidia NT: Emperor & Cloud of Darkness Skins

#Dissidia_NT updates? With the previous POST and News about Dissidia NT's shut down, it's kind of jarring that they're going to be getting an update!

Oh man, the Emperor looks absolutely intimidating. He no longer looks pretty but.... absolutely haunting. I've never actually even used him but he does have some good attacks--I would know, ya know.

Now the Cloud of Darkness is someone I have used and I absolutely think she is just a beautiful character--well, beautiful in every sense of my attraction for a woman and not her as a person; though she isn't as malevolent as Ultimecia since she's kind of just a physical translation of nothingness.

I'm not sure if I'll even get these. With the inevitable shut down of the online gaming and the fact that I haven't really supported it (have yet to buy Songstress Yuna!) Though the Cloud of Darkness skin is just tempting.... Man it still hurts the game is shutting down!

Until Next Time!

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