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Dissidia NT: Let it, Snow

This is a quick little insight on me playing against Snow. I didn't buy him as a playable character so I just had some "great" interaction with him for a few rounds. What's my opinion just going against him? He's a hard hitter with some pretty annoying HP and Brave attacks.

He's got some pretty hilarious lines too, but not as funny as Rinoa Heartilly. Snow also comes with his original FFXIII outfit and his FFXIII-3 fitter. They did this for Snow, why did they NOT do it for Yuna? Would much rather see her FFX-2 outfit. That and Yuna would have had funnier lines. Okay, this is about Snow. Time to move on.

And wouldn't you know it? My first match had me team up with two Snow Villers wearing the exact same outfit! And on the other side there was a Snow and a Terra....and a spamming Y'shtola that gave us the means to win the match! Watch here:

At any rate, probably will play more #Dissidia_NT within the next few days. Giving Resident Evil 2R some rest.

Until Next Time!

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