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DuDs: Disney Ray-Ban (Justin Mickey)

I just came back from the Magic Kingdom a few days ago. Just like last time (2019), I got myself an exclusive Disney Ray-Bans. Sunwear is a low-key collection I have but they are a very expensive hobby and my luck with some brands isn't as great so I will not say I have a closet full of them. But I do like the Exclusives from the Magic Kingdom because they come with their own flare. So, without further adieu, let's get to it!

Most sun wears I get is dark colored in terms of the rim and the like. This time, I opted to get something out of the norm. The transparent frames do give a unique vibe to it and I am pleased with how they look. while wearing, they give off a different vibe as well, which I appreciate.

Ray-Bans logo, of course, is in the small corner of the right lens.

And since it is an exclusive, Mr. Mouse himself is the one to decorate the temples. It's a very monotone coloring scheme which I do like--subtle, at times, but definitely still Mr. Mouse's recognizable emotions and gestures. By the hinge is another Ray-Bans logo.

More 'info' in regards to name, SKU, color, etc are located inside the temple.

Both sides are the same pictures of Mickey Mouse being himself. Again, the lack of vibrant color really works well with the transparent rim.

While the Wayfarer from 2019 is colorful and features the main five mascots of Disney, the black and white and lone Mickey Mouse for the 2022 Justin is definitely a good and welcomed contrast. They both fit the same and complement certain outfits I have on for the day. A good mix to have, for sure.

Very happy to have this, for sure. Won't be seeing this too often, I think since it's not exactly the cheapest hobby to add-on to my already full (and in need of consolidation) hobbies on my plate. But for those who are a big Disney fans and tend to want to style themselves, the 2022 Ray-BanxDisney "Justin Mickey" is a good Sunwear to have!

Until Next Time!

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