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Funko POP: SSJ Goku w/ Kamehameha (POP TEEs)

Celebrating the life of a legend varies within the Fandom. With Akira Toriyama passing to the other side early this month, I figure it's time to find a POP that will honor the legend that he is. Going out of my way to find a POP revolving around Dragonball, my good friend spotted this one and it's perfect! So with that said, let's get into the review then, shall we?

If my memory serves me right, I do believe this is my first POP-TEE combo. I do remember the Home Alone 3-Pack with the Beanie (Target Edition), but that was headwear and not a shirt. Pretty excited about this one since the shirt design doesn't look too bad and it replicates the POP as much as possible--at least, based on the artwork. The box is a bit bigger for obvious reasons since it has the hold of the boxed POP and the shirt, so understandable. And the line is called "POP TEES", so there's that! I swear, Funko has a lot of series within their POP lineups.

So let's go for the actual POP itself, right? And I might be too lazy to check right now, but this might be a common POP repackaged with an exclusive paint. Don't quote me on that. Heck, someone might already be correcting me as they looked it up as they were reading this. (I QUOTE myself--or correct myself).

The Ginyu Force I can't lie and say I'm not interested in. Just would require some space that I currently do not have. Have to be a pass.

Not a bobblehead!

I've had Saiyajin POPs before and much like before, I will always grade a Dragonball POP on their hair! Unfair or not, it is the way of it. With this one, I do appreciate the attention placed on the hair. The signature spiky hair and the anime-styled bangs are all present. The pose is definitely a Goku-esque posture. It looks like his classic pose while he is throwing Kamehameha. Along with that fine choice, Goku's torn clothing adds some neat little sculptwork to show the ripped clothes along with the transition to his flesh. The chi floating between Goku's hands is also on point. If I were to add anything to make this POP have more of a kick, maybe some energy or floating debris incorporated into the figure stand. All those additions I suggested would most likely put this POP's price point higher up and it will have a big chance of taking this guy out of the common types.

I do love this shot!

Colors are great. Goku's got a metallic paint to him that makes him an exclusive. It's all well done in terms of choice of colors and sharply executed paint job. I really have no complaints in this department.

I do enjoy these together. It's almost like they are sequenced with the older Goku POP I owned before this exclusive metallic version of Goku.

And these are the three main Saiyans in all their glory. The blondes are all not consistent, but they are Saiyans nonetheless. I do like the energy effects coming out of Vegeta even if I want his standard armored look. Also, Gohan ain't too bad but definitely-eventually, will be looking for other POPs of these two

On its merit, it's a pretty good POP. The metallic color gives it a good coat that allows it to be a special version. If this was just a POP on its own, I'd still enjoy this purchase.

But this is a POP TEE, of course. The graphic design is the POP itself. It's not a bad design to be honest especially since it's given a bluish-energy-like background.

The POP is good. The Graphic Tee is good, I'll wear it. Most importantly, RIP Akira Toriyama. The man left behind a legacy that touched so many fandoms and inspired a few more! Thank you!

Until Next Time!

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