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Funko POP: Super Saiyan Goku (PX Exclusive)

DBZ #POP in the house! It's only recently that I started going for DBZ POPs even if I have been a fan for a long time now. Well, better late than ever, right? With that said, let's get into this review, shall we?

It's a "PX" exclusive and for me, I got this from Amazon. As far a things inside this line, well, I'm sure I'll get to that. Lots of blondes and green-eyed fighters, eh?

"With energy", they say? Yes, a whole lot of energy indeed.

Goku has had a pretty standard look/outfit throughout the tenure of the anime. Usually it's a Gi-like look and it's usually paired up with some familiar DBZ boots and the such. Orange and blue are the common colors, and paired up with the blonde hair and green eyes, Goku (and most of the Saiyans) have a familiar aesthetic. This POP goes for that familiarity and there's nothing wrong with that. I wanted a 'standard' and familiar Goku for POP and this one sold the deal. I love the pose, action-y but still not too crazy, it's Super Saiyan Goku, and the flare of having the energy effect all around him adds to the greatness of it. His head is huge too! And that hair, while not too distant from Funko's usual hair sculpting, offers something more. And I'd expect them too considering that the hair is a signature for a Super Saiyan. Having it fall short would definitely be detrimental.

The colors are pretty standard for a POP. It's clean in most areas, the plastic colors fits, and the hair, as I mentioned, isn't grand, but gets a very vibrant color scheme that matches well with the sculpting. The transparent energy effect is also a fine addition making the entire piece come together. No complaints on the paint/color department!

Here is POP Super Saiyan Goku next to POP Great Saiyaman Super Saiyan Gohan. The green eyes being different may be off-putting at times, but it's still good to see them together.

If this is the only Goku POP I will ever own, I'm happy with it. It represents Goku in the point of the anime I adore and it's got enough flare to really make him pop out. I definitely recommend him for DBZ fans. Maybe a Super Saiyan-God Super Saiyan in the future? Maybe.

Until Next Time!

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