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Funko POP: Super Saiyan Vegeta

Updated: Jan 20

The Prince of all Saiyans! Probably one of my favorite characters from Dragonball Z! Too bad he's always taking second fiddle since his story arc has so much potential! But it hasn't really stopped his popularity and so we continue to get merchandise of him! Let's get right on the review, shall we?

From this set, I got the POP Piccolo, doubt I'll get more but we'll never know with my tendencies these days. But seriously, no one else really grabs me.

I believe there is a variant, but that's just me saying that out of my behind. Regardless, I do like the choice I made with this one.

My favorite look for Vegeta will always be when he wore the Saiyan armor but without the shoulder pads; more commonly seen during the Cell Saga and a variation of it appears during the Super series, I believe. This look, well, it's basically a sleeveless version of that outfit and no chest plate. Not that Vegeta needs armor anyway. In terms of the figure, I love the pose. It's Vegeta powering up and the translucent blue plastic to symbolize energy is definitely something I can get behind. The hair, much like the other Saiyan POPs I have in my possession, has a bit more detailing than most hair on POPs. Rightfully so.

Very detailed! And the way the energy wrapping around the hair and on Vegeta's body in general really works!

Color-wise, Funko did an amazing job. I love the choice of plastic, the coloring, and just the overall execution is just done right.

Here he is next to Super Saiyan Goku (PX Exclusive). Good to see them next to each other, aren't they?

A Vegeta POP is a must for me. This particular piece is the only one I found that fits my preferred look for Vegeta--if I find another, I might get it, but honestly, this is definitely a good enough piece. Vegeta and Dragonball fans can appreciate this for what it is. I know I'm happy!

Until Next Time!

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