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Spider-Man 2: Miles Morales I

Diving into the lesser Spider-Man, Miles Morales. I'm always going to have an asterisk in regards to Miles because at first, I didn't see what most people see about him. His Spiderverse movie role warmed him up to me and his videogame counterpart isn't too bad either. Still not a huge fan of him and honestly, wouldn't have been a miss to put in Spider-Gwen instead of Miles? Right? But that's a different topic. He's pretty fun to play and I got a lot of good shots of him with photo mode. Who am I kidding? This is going to be a photo dump for my Miles Morales gaming session! So let's get into them, shall we?

The sound effects and thought bubbles really paint a good picture, right?

A mean uppercut laced with some venom blast action to really drive the point home.

Just like Peter, Miles comes with an assortment of extra suits. A lot of them look really good and they're photogenic as all heck!

One can definitely create a narrative!

Some shots are harder to get but definitely can get some good ones if the timing is right!

This is probably one of my favorite shots with Miles so far. I love that suit and I love who the Spider Legs (waldoes?) match the aesthetics of this suit! Once again, the filter, the frames, the POV adjustments, and the word bubbles! A chef's kiss moment!

Really digging deep, right?

Miles' Venom Blast really does have some cool variation to an already amazing power set that Spider-Man has. He also has camouflage which makes stealth quite easy to do.

And, of course, Miles has his own set of spider-swing. Also, learned how to make more use of exposure for clearer pictures.

Have to make use of a Web-slinger's ability to web up his unsuspecting assailants and do a little pose.

Also one of my favorite shots!

Most likely this will not be the only Spider-Man 2-related post. As I am going through the game right now (and possibly halfway through the main story or more?), I continue to take pictures as action is so easy to capture. I'll most likely put a quick review and personal thoughts about the game and it's easy to make it happen when pictures are readily available! Can't wait!

Until Next Time!

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