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Spider-Man 2 (PS5)

That's right folks! October 20th, 2023 came and I am now web-slinging as your Favorite Wall Crawler: Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man. Well, I guess Miles Morales too! But seriously, been waiting for this game for a while and here it is! So how is it? Well here's a snip of the first few hours of my gaming.


Photo Mode

Just going to point out that the game is beautiful! And the photo mode is back, baby! Much like the last game, I'm going to have fun!

Action scenes galore as well as some quieter moments! Will be taking advantage of the photo mode for sure! Considering how seamless it was on the previous game and how much fun I had, this game will definitely be no exception. Not to mention they did some revamping of it. I'm down!


The Alternate Suits

Alternate suits are back also, That's fun! Only a few are available right off the get go but there are some ready for the taking. Some are familiar some are obscure, and, of course, some are original for the game.

Black background for photo mode, what?

Scarlet Spider III and Arachna Knight are outfits that had graced the comic book pages and are now making a full-on in-game revival! I've made use of these two for sure along with the alternate color-swaprs for some of them! Yes, that's right. Not only are there a number of suits but there is an available palette swap for some! Crazy, right?


Miles Morales

Speaking of swapping, Spider-Man 2 is indeed a game with TWO Spider-Men! Miles, who starred in his own follow-up game (need to play that game still), also has his own unique skills and gameplay that distinctively makes him a bit more different than Peter Parker.

He also gets his own skins which is pretty cool! And as always, it makes the photo mode quite fun!



I can withstand this new face. Definitely doesn't look as bad as how he looked during Miles Morales.

This game will have a tale to tell. The first Spider-Man was amazing and Insomniac made some bold moves. Spider-Man 2 looks to follow the same idea with its own take on classic stories and villains. Definitely confident about what Insomniac can do the second time around!

It's definitely following some of that Spider-Man story beats. The guy is still struggling with bills and just--life in general.

Very curious where Peter and Harry's story goes. I'm really shocked that they were willing to drop the reveal of the last game in regards to Harry by having him tell the truth, but I suppose they needed to go somewhere, right?


So I'm still very early into the game. I haven't even come across the Symbiote yet--though got a cut scene that implies a few things about who Venom might be. Regardless, so far so good. I'm having fun and being drawn into that Spider-Man world, that feeling of the old comic books, and being part of that world. So good.

Until Next Time!

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