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DuDs: Rikku & Kefka

Updated: May 11, 2023

Got ourselves more clothing! Of course, these graphic-tees are from Redbubble once more! Do check out that website. And these tees are definitely red and for anyone who has been around me and my blog, crimson is definitely a color I wear plenty. With that said, let's just go ahead and check out these DuDs, shall we?

Rikku. Of course, it's Rikku. Surprisingly, I don't have a lone Rikku T-shirt. This is my first and I wanted to go on a different route. She's vibrant and colorful but putting her in grey'ish tone within a red backdrop really comes out well I feel.

The Rikku art is the official and standard FFX-2 Rikku promotional art by Tetsuya Nomura. Something I do adore and continue to love since it is Rikku X-2 signature. Looks great in this red backdrop and am proud wearing and representing for sure!

I have yet to wear this shirt but do know that I can't wait to wear it soon!

Also my first Kekfa T-shirt and it's definitely a good one to have. Since Kefka dominantly wears red anyway, I thought that he would artistically fade in and out with the red color of the cloth and he does just that. Enough of his color mix allows him to stick out and the red does a compliment that goes well with the overall tone of the shirt.

I do believe this is his Dissidia promotional official art. Something I also adore since it's also done by Nomura himself.

Trading Arts Mini: Terra Branford representing Kafka is kind of.... off, right? Well, I have no Kefka merchandise so Terra gets to stand by her. I know, she won't do it willingly, but hey, they are kind of inextricable. But as for the shirt, yeah it turned out great for sure! Can't wait to wear this one!

Two different colors of red, by the way!

Two special Final Fantasy characters. Both are completely on the different ends of the spectrum but both will remain with my fandom until the end of time. Wearing some fantastic art of them on my shirt is definitely a good way to honor them! Special thanks to Redbubble as always! Y'all check them out!

Until Next Time!

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