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FFXIV: 10th Year Anniversary

Busy month for #FFXIV for me! Well, busier than normal, that is! Why is that? It's the 10-year anniversary of FFXIV! I know, I've only been with it since 2021 but hey, better late than never, right?

Fat Cat Minion! Finally got it! I love this fat little thing! IT is so fat that the legs aren't showing! Regardless, will probably keep this thing around for a bit until I changed it to a different minion.

Ah, Mounts! And Finally they are allowing us to get the dragon mounts from the Shadowbringers Savage Trials! The first one available is Titatina's Dragon, the Fae Gwiber. I love it! There is a red one that I'm sure I'll favor far more than the others as soon as I am able to get it through these festivals. Heck, I could try my luck on a savage raid but jeez, I'm not anywhere near that good. But hey, there's hope that I'll be getting the others soon since we finally saw the Gweber Flutes popping up in a festival!

The Phoenix Mount is, of course, a dedication to FFXVI and Creative Business Unit III as a whole. The odd thing about this mount is that it is implied that the players' WoL turns into the Phoenix since one isn't exactly riding it. A'rlen, a phoenix? Yeah, sure I can see that!

The final flute I needed to get the special mount for acquiring all of the Kami Flutes for the Stormblood Savage trials was avaialable for the 10 Year Anniversary Moogle Festival! Bless them for putting the one I needed this round! Looks good! I'ts huge and very flashy! Not sure if A'rlen will be riding it often but here it is!

This special glam is from another event not entirely tied to the Moogle Festival but I thought I'd put it in here. It's actually a new Monk glam. Looks good, right?

Alright, well, will probably grind some more until patch 6.5 comes out. And hey, might even watch up on the main quest! But that's about it for now... will grind some more since there are more goodies but these are the ones I really wanted!

Until Next Time!

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