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FFXIV: A'rlen Past Threads I (Dragoon)

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

A'rlen has worn a TON of outfits in the past. Some had to be retired for "x" amount of reasons. But I made sure that I got them exposed before they completely disappear from memory! There will be no particular order of appearance so bear with me as I just spam this post with pictures from the past.

The "Casual" Dragoon

Now this outfit looks familiar, right? This would be the outfit that eventually turned into A'rlen's main Monk attire. I mentioned it before that it was once a Dragoon outfit and before it became what it was, it received a few modifications to make it what it is today.

The gloves got an overhaul and eventually the skirt and leggings. But seriously, for a while, this was A'rlen's casual Dragoon outfit.

The Red Dragoon

One of the very first 'special' dungeon rewards was that top. I eventually found armor for her legs and arms that would make her look somewhat like a warrior.

The Wandering Dragoon

A'rlen actually wore this for quite some time. I consider it as "updated" version of "Casual Dragoon". It's got a mage look to it, but I really adored it for A'rlen because it makes her a different looking Dragoon. I actually wore this for a long time before actually dropping it. I brought it back for a few just cause I really like the look, but all in all, it might just be in the backlog for a b it.

The Shadowbringer

This one was more in line with the MSQ--clearly what I decided to name it reflects when I was wearing it and where. It didn't last TOO long but I was wearing it during my grind to get the HW relics, so there's t hat.

Crimson Wyrm

The Crimson Wyrm is actually a nice look. It's an armored look but not as crazy and as spike-y as most are used to seeing A'rlen. It's got a nice simplicity to it but it's still mixed in with some intricate details to her. The spear paired up definitely compliments--accentuating the complex designs that are subtle (compared to her other armors, of course). A'rlen wore it for a few spells but eventually ditched it to make space for other armors.

The Blue Dragon

Would be quite polarizing to hear that A'rlen Sirushi--the Crimson Dragoon--would be seen wearing a blue version of her usual Dragoon armor. Believe it or not, she wore this and the purple version (the original) of this armor. I just like the aesthetics! Trust me though, I was aiming to get that Ruby Red dyeable Dragoon armor as soon as I can.

Well, considering that this is just most of A'rlen's Dragoon past threads, do expect some addition with her other jobs. Though it's safe to say that A'rlen's role as a Dragoon got more love. But, regardless, we'll get to the others--especially the Machinist.

And who knows? Maybe me posting this means I'll be returning to Eorzea soon? Maybe.

Until Next Time!

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