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FFXIV: A'rlen Sirushi (Machinist) IV

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Oh, you didn't know? I'm back in FFXIV! And no more than two weeks and A'rlen Sirushi already got herself a new outfit (two, actually).

The Sexy WoL

This particular outfit came from the recent Moonfire Faire event and was given a Dalamund red dye just to give it an A'rlen flare! She was also given a bracelet glamour to keep the summer and lax aesthetics of the outfit. It's definitely a sexy look, that's for sure!

This glamour is also a Machinist, truth to be told. Sure, it's no Red Scion or Ghost, but it is worth saying that I only had three ready Machinist outfits while my Dragoon had four. This glam needed a home and I wanted one more Machinist outfit so both win!

Of course, the ring and the bracelet are different glamours that really add some more spice to this already spicy outfit.

There are multiple designs all over the top that gives it a luxurious look to it. Definitely stands out against the Dalmund red dye that I gave it. The footwear is also fitting for a beach stroll--something a WoL like A'rlen really deserves to have!

A good view, eh?

And clearly, it has to have an opening for her tail!

Yeah, this glamour asked for this! Fun in the sun! And look how much fun she is having!

Look at her! She's just having so much fun! I wonder who she's teasing? I wonder if Estinien and Y'shtola are in their bikinis with her?!

And carted off like the queen she is!

No action shots. Just her being glamorous and fun! Well, that's about it then for now. I'm definitely going to be posting some more FFXIV things in the coming days and, you never know! I might be on the trend of getting some new weapons and possibly outfits. I do know I have one more coming in regard to glamour. But, glad to have come back in (somewhat) full force! Keep an eye out!

Until Next Time!

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