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FFXIV: A'rlen Sirushi (Miner) I

Working hard or hardly working, right? That's right, the Cutest WoL doesn't just hold a spear and a rifle but also a pickaxe (and a few other tools; more on that later). When Eorzea isn't in an immediate danger, A'rlen Sirushi does mining for a side hobby!

The Miner

The Crafting and the Gathering shenanigans is something that I definitely got into later into A'rlen's adventures. Fun fact, in the beginning, I found out that there was an augmentation upgrade to the vanilla Dragoon Armor that would allow me to dye it any color. Needless so say, I wanted to dye that Dragoon armor red and we all know that I eventually got it (Red Dragoon). Gathering was apparently one oof the first step so I dabbled into being a Miner early. I gave it up in pursuit of other means to get my augmentation but after Shadowbringers, I went all in to Crafting and Gathering. It's only right that I give the Miner my first show in regards to outfits since, you know, A'rlen has to style even when working her tail off!

That's right. All red! She's wearing a Serge Poncho for her Disciple of the Land shenanigans. Dyed Dalmund red along with the boots and we got as style that is both sexy and ready for any kind of hard labor.

The black thigh highs are part of her thing, you know. Looks good on her.

The Fur-lined Saurian Boots and the Quantrelle's Ruffled Skirt looks good--the latter is more the thigh highs.

Have to have room for her tail to come out because, you know, she's a Miqo'te. She has to have too to wag her tail!

Feather tassels to cover just about enough.

My main complaint with the Gathering and Crafting classes is that they are not given their own motions for their tool. A'rlen's 'victory pose' and 'stance' is that of the Paladin class. It's awkward and it shows a weakness in a game mostly done with care and passion in every area.

It's a Diadem. She's allowed to have a proton canon

The Polar Bear mount! No, she's not getting a cold beverage or anything. This mount is very cool, by the way. Pun not totally intended.

At this moment, I'm working on getting her augmented Dragonsung Pixaxe. The farming is real, mind you.

Still the cutest in the First and the Source.

So does this mean I'll be flaunting A'rlen's other outfits with her Crafting and Gathering endeavors? Why, yes. Of course. This is exactly what this means! The Miner is just start because it's paying homage to one of my early endeavors as A'rlen. Keep an eye out for the others!

Until Next Time!

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