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FFXIV: A'rlen Sirushi (Reaper) I

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

The new DPS job for #Endwalker piqued my interest even if at first I wasn't sure how to make out a job that isn't as trademark Final Fantasy as something like Warrior or healer (something A'rlen isn't). But as I watched gameplay, I quickly decided to go for it and when I got the chance, I activated the mission and got a new DPS job for A'rlen to have. With that said, with new job means a new outfit! Let's check out the new outfit, shall we? No joke, A'rlen looks gorgeous in it!

"Angel of Death"

Clearly, this is not your typical Reaper. Instead of a typical black robe and/or black armor that would make an Ascian quiver in their hoods, I decided to give A'rlen a bit more appeal by giving her the Thavnairian outfit with only the headpiece of the set excluded. The body, the arms, the lower, and the footpiece are all from the same set and it is reminiscent of an exotic dancer of some sort. It was originally pinkish by default but I gave it a snow-white dye initially. Then getting back into Fetes, I got some pearl white dye and gave it that angelic flare it needed!

Those straps on her legs!

of course gotta have a tail opening!

It definitely has a Dancer-esque vibe, that's for sure. Well, considering this style is from Radz-at-Han, it makes sense. Even without the headpiece for the set, it definitely still reminiscent of its roots. There's a lot of fluff with the threads, lots of generous skin showing, pieces of jewelry, straps, and basically, it's just meant to appeal and distract.

She resembles a Middle Eastern entertainer and/or a Greek goddess of some kind.

That pearl white dye really does wonders to make the fabric look ethereal! Partnering in with some awesome gold jewelry, it really does make for a 'celestial-like' presence.

Hi Rikku!

In the time of making this blog, A'rlen is using a 'vanilla' scythe that I picked up along the way--the "Titanbronze Zaghnal" and it fits the Thavnairian look. I'm sure I'll get another scythe along the way but I would like to stay on the 'holy' and 'light' aesthetics. We shall see though.

Won't you sit next to her and tell this Angel of Death who you want to be sent to the next realm? She won't bite. She's rather friendly looking, right?

One of the many things that makes this new DPS job stand out (other than the teleport, the cool combos, etc) is the Reaper's Avatar. Basically, it's a Grim Reaper that one can summon after meeting a certain prerequisite. It's cool looking and it does have some function to open up other attacks or whatnot. It makes for some cool shots and it also has some lore behind it. Also, the Avatar also has another purpose.

Do you see this sexy Miqo'te with the revealing outfit that carries a gigantic sickle?

Well, she gets into a bloodlust moment and turns into an actual Reaper. A Grim Reaper.

Can't seduce you now, can she?

There's a small hint of lore behind this when going through the Reaper job class quest. Allowing the Avatar to 'take over', the Reaper can go into an extreme mode and basically be a hard-hitting creature.

She also looks less friendly too. And while this form is in a timer, it definitely does go well with a few action shots!

Is it a main job? No. I don't think any job can ever take over the Dragoon or the Machinist. It will remain side by side like my other DPS jobs but may not be as sidelined as the others. It definitely has a charm to it and not to mention, this outfit for A'rlen looks rather enticing with a very contrasting "Reaper" form. I like it and I'm glad that they added it in! Reaper A'rlen going into some raids!

Until Next Time!

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