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FFXIV: The Cutest WoL & Her Brethrens

Clearly I made a post about my favorite Dragoon look for A'rlen (Crimson Dragoon). And while she looks mighty fine in it, A'rlen has come across other adventurers wearing the armor. Here are but a few of them that I have come across. Cleary the on above is Estinien so she needed a picture with him.

This little cutie sneaked up on me and just posed as I was AFK. Deserved a moment for a pic and, of course, some sakura falling down!

Oh yes. This pervy Dragoon who was as hilarious as he was charming. I'm a sucker for the original vanilla Dragoon armor so seeing one sport it... well it's nice.

Met a Crimson Dragoon on Bozja wielding the Blades' Glory. Not a fan of the aesthetics of the spear but I am loving the Crimson armor male version!

This was a fun run in Eden with this Dragoon! She has the ARR Relic in one of its middle forms and I can't help but always admire that look.

Cool little shot. WE were standing ini front of torch so there's this glow that just looks ripe. So... which one is A'rlen?

I love the contrasting blue. Few more of these coming.

Using that lance definitely fits. If blue was my favorite color, that would probably be the spear I'd be using.

First one without her spear out but I also adore the original purple hues. That and Minion Estinien is in t he backdrop.

Here's another red and blue combination! I do like that Wyvern Armor and surprisingly, I wore it of for a while until I finally got the augmented version that got me of Crimson Dragoon (I'm going to make a post about Arlen's past outfits--I swear).

Well, the more I go through this journey, the more I'm sure I'll continue to update this. After all, A'rlen may be the cutest WoL/Dragoon, but there are others who wears the armor and wears them well. Will make sure I log them on in her chronicles!

Until Next Time!

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