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Figma: Raven (Gravity Daze 2)

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Love her outfit. Duh.

Raven? Who is this Raven girl that is not Raven from the Teen Titans? This Raven is from a game called Gravity Rush/Daze 2; I game I own and have barely played. I ended up getting the game because I found this Figma Raven online. Without ANY knowledge of the character I bought her and so here we are now with my review for an action figure I have no previous knowledge about the character!

Product shot of the action figure above with all information you need about where said figure came from and what toy you are holding, in case you forget. Raven is also the 345th addition to the Figma Action Figure Series.

I love the color scheme of this box. Dark red, black, and a little bit of gold. As always, the Figma box does a fine job of showcasing what can be expected inside; most of it. There's also the neat promotional image of the figure itself on the side of the box that is always neatly laid out. I'll say it right now: I have no explanation for the mask she wears. Haven't gotten far enough in the game to know about Raven.

I take inspiration from the back panel to get some good pose especially when I am not familiar with the character. For this case, I definitely did. Good product images to say the least.

I can always depend on Figma to give an adequate amount of accessories. Four alternate faces, five pair of hands, an accessory that is true to the character (Raven's crow named Xii), and then a figure stand. I'm excited about all these swap outs for a face and face, and obviously I am always appreciative the standard figure stand. But there is one nifty surprise that came with this:

Raven comes with another 'base' for the standard figure stand which allows the action figure to clip on to things (like one of my shelves here) and give that illusion of 'gravity bending'. While this gimmick has been done on an action figure before in some way or another, this is the first time I have a toy that actually benefits from this since shelf spacing is lacking these days! So Raven is 'hovering' outside my shelf safely and does not take any addition space on my gaming character shelf!

The first face Raven has is a serious expression and gazing off to the side. While not very expressive, it is still a very good face and the colors on her lips and eyes are well done.

The angry face is definitely much needed for action poses. Despite such an angry expression, the beautiful face is Raven is still preserved through the sculpting and the wonderful colors.

Then of course the neutral smiling face. One always has to have a smiling and happy face that goes along with that gorgeous face. The colors for eyes, lips, and skin tone are consistent and they all blend it rather well with everything else with the action figure; especially with that wonderful black hair with red tips.

Then there's this masked face that I have no idea what it represents, when she puts it on, and what it does. It looks good though. It's metallic looking and it reminds me of the phantom of the opera mask. And just like all the faces, her bangs cover the right side of her face/mask.

First a little bit of confession: I was totally enamored at first glance with Raven's hair and costume, which played a huge factor of me buying her Figma action figure. To my delight, her toy version does not disappoint. As with most action figure imports that I have come across, molding clothing and making it look cloth in their respected in the moment movement is rather impressive. The way Raven's leggings hang that conveniently barely covers her most sacred areas (and show off some nice skin) has an organic look to it. The cloth on her arms, which reminds me of dancers, has a swoosh affect on it and put into some angles, it definitely acts naturally to the action figure's pose. Every sculpted piece like her belt, the bands, and then that crest on her sternum are well done and really gives Raven depth in her Figma form.

The hair itself is also something to really take note of. As we have seen on her face, it has a certain sculpt that covers half of Raven's face--a good 'style' that fits the character. The rest of Raven's hair is sculpted to impress with the 'flowing' mold that really ties in with Raven's gravity manipulating poses. Truly one of this action figure's highlight!

The color is, without a doubt, clean as it can be. I mentioned the consistency in her faces and that same level of care pervades with her hair, her clothing, and her skin. While I can't say that there are a lot of shadowing or anything like that, the fact that there are no glaring imperfections is enough. Even I can get past the not-so-smooth transition of her hair from black to red... it's definitely forgivable since I love her hair. Overall, the color palettes chosen to represent Raven definitely represents her from in-game to plastic form.

Up to now, I can also vouch for the fun factor that Figma provides with their figures. These imports are easy to pose and the articulation never fails to impress. I found myself having a lot of fun putting Raven in dynamic shots that could or could not be relevant to how the character actually 'plays/fights'. I know she flies a lot so having the figure stand does replicate some of those scenes. She's also very nimble, as all Figma joints are, so getting her in some action shots like kicking and the sort isn't difficult.

Grounded, neutral, or hovering in the air, I have to say that an import action figure like Raven makes me really appreciate their consistency in both the accessory department and the articulation. Then there's also the given that imports are just going to look good aesthetically. The extra articulation on her hair (the lower half) does help add more depth to her photos! Thank you, Figma!

In conclusion, I knew what I was going into with this Figma figure. Even if I know little to nothing about Gravity Rush 2's Raven, her Figma action figure is amazing! Looks great, generous with accessories, mobile and very fluid in articulation, those are contributing factors to making a fantastic action figure. Do yourself a favor if you are a fan of Raven: give this Figma a chance!

Until Next Time!

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