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Figma (Toy News): FGO Miyamato Musashi/Saber

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

It's been some time since I got a #Figma action figure and honestly, I have to be a bit of a conservative with my collecting hobby at the moment. But having FuRyu Musashi in my collection, it really made me fall in love with the Fate Grand Order version of Miyamato Musashi (might share some art of her in the future).

The #FuRyu figurine seems to be missing a layer of Musashi's clothing? Seems to add more colors to her since I always thought that Musashi was a bit more simple compared to the other Servants of the Fate-verse. It wasn't a bad simple, but just unexpected. This Figma seems to be offering some nice things and I might actually fully commit on getting her!

Look, she even has a pretty smile and she's eating some kind of asian candy. I am liking her a lot! And supposedly she is due to be out this winter so have to wait until then! Well, that's about it for toy news!

Until Next Time!

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