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FuRyu (FGO): Miyamato Musashi/Saber

Updated: May 17, 2019

Another #FuRyu in my collection and another #Fate Grand Order hottie, no less! With the Fate Series not exactly shy with their gender bending ways, the legendary Samurai/Ronin, Miyamato Musashi, gets the gender swap treatment and so here we are a with a lovely female to replace the (most likely) grungy and less eye pleasing male version. So without saying any more, let's just dive right it to my review on the FuRyu Miyamato Musashi!

While I most often get the best handling of my packages from Amazon, this time around, there are a few more dents and scrapes on Musashi's box than I would like to see. The other annoying thing is that the top of the box, something I use for my photograph, has a barcode sticker that takes away the aesthetics. I resorted to zooming in on the series name and the class of the character to get the header pic so if it's not consistent with the other #FuRyu reviews that's why. Now aside from the box being mistreated, the figurine inside is just fine. Covered in bubble wrap and placed stratgically inside, Musashi was not damage nor were her accessories. Though having a fancy box isn't something I'm opposed to. Much like previous FuRyu I own, this box has its own flare but not overbearing with designs. It stays true to the design of the FATE theme and it also has some homage to the ambiance of Saber Musashi's lineage. All in all, the box serves the purpose and its pretty. That's all I can really ask for in figurine box. Oh, I didn't take a picture of the box to show it. I'm sure there are no major complaints when it comes to that. This is always about the statues and action figures, isn't it? ON a different tangent, I have yet to really review an action figure/statue that really compels me to talk about it like a #HotToy action figure!

Now there are some assembly required with Musashi--very simple ones and it involves just placing her katanas and sheathed on their respected places. The sheathed blade that Musashi isn't holding gave me some small problems when I was putting it in, but eventually I was able to put it in its place. All in all, they look gorgeous.

I'm not sure just how big Musashi's role is within the FGO world. Getting more info from her through Otaikudun, the Fate-verse is at least made itself aware that there is a male Musashi in another realm. She hasn't been in anime nor have I played the game so I can't exactly gauge her personality. But as a character with a very appealing design, I'd say that she fits right in with the Fate-verse albeit her aesthetics isn't as overly complex as other characters that I have seen.

Adhering to the Japanese style clothing, Musashi's attire resembles that of a kimono, though modified to give it a bit more of an anime-esque look, complete with some skin exposure and contrasting lining to give the dark blue color some contrast. She has thigh high stockings/boots that match her armbands, which also have intricate lining design to match the ones on her kimono. Musashi, is of course, given some kind fo anime hair. Not as crazy as some others out there but stylized enough to make it hard to replicate in real life without a lot of gel. Since Musashi has had a few anime/game replication over the years and most of what I remember he'd have this high pony-tail look--FGO Musashi continues that trend but held with a shuriken-like hair pin. Definitely a nice addition.

Only being exposed to #FuRyu with three figurines in deep, I can get a grasp of how they do things and they are definitely pretty good at their craft. They are by no means high in caliber like some of the others I collect (#Bishoujo), but definitely not in the low tier (#DiamondSelect). They hold a middle ground and a good middle ground at that; their price point reciprocates the quality. Though there are times that I can say that Musashi's price is a bit humble considering there are some pretty good sculpting going on. The hair does have some fine-tuning and definitely replicates what an anime character would look like with this kind of hair. The strands protruding on each side is a welcome style; her face isn't bad but just like the other FuRyu statues that I own, I don't think it quite hits the mark of an anime-style character. She's not ugly, but you know, it leaves some things to be desired. As far as the details on her clothing, it's done quite well. I especially like the sash and the bow on her back. Japanese knots always have that complex look to them and for her sash and for her katana sheathes, FuRyu tries to replicate that look and it works well. The rest of her body is also sculpted quite nicely--slender and well curved as any female anime character would be.

Her pose isn't too crazy. It's pretty neutral and simple all things considered. But it's not exactly something that's going against the statue. Musashi is standing with a very calm and smiling expression, both hands on her blade, one unsheathed and the other ready. So, yes, not the most dynamic pose, but definitely appealing to the eyes.

As far as the colors and the paint application, they're pretty clean. Musashi's color combination is vibrant while still somewhat conservative, translated into figurine form under FuRyu compliments her since they picked the proper paint color that captures Musashi's juxtaposing color scheme. There are a few paint shading like in her hair which does its job well enough. Again, the skin tones seems a bit too doll-ish, which, in all honesty plays adequately with the anime look. To be honest, she doesn't look bad at all.

Next to FuRyu Scathach, she looks pretty nice. Musashi is bright while the spear-woman is dark. A nice little contrasting figurines and not to mention it's Saber vs Lancer idea!

In conclusion, #FuRyu has another hit in my collection. Musashi is not perfect by any means but for her price and the lore she comes from, she isn't half bad. I definitely recommend FuRyu Musashi for anyone who is a fan of Fate Grand Order and/or is a fan of FuRyu in general. Get her a good price and one won't be disappointed.

Until Next Time!

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