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Figma: Tracer

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Back up is here, luv!

Another Overwatch merchandise! No, I haven't played the game yet, I swear! But when I see something I think looks cool, I Just have to get them, so here I am with a Figma Tracer in my collection. So let's get right in the review!

This is obviously my first #Figma review in this blog but definitely will not be my last. So as with all imports I have owned, as with all Figmas I have owned, the box is always as informative as one would like.

Window box that clearly shows most of what you get; I say most because there are some accessories that can't be seen--hidden inside the box itself. I'll get into that in the next bit, but honestly, I love how Figma boxes are laid out and have always been a fan of them. I'm glad most imports follow the same idea. Each figures are numbered and Tracer over here is number 352. I wonder if they really follow the number of figures made per piece; which makes me curious, what is Figma's first figure?

Product shots are a good way to really sell the figure for anyone who hasn't seen the promotional pics online. It really does showcase MOST of what this figure has to offer. I also like how Figma does show the figure with the stand so there's no illusion of what it can and can't do.

Figma is a prime example of what higher end figures should have in terms of accessories. They have a good decent set of hands, her trademark weapons, some alternate faces, an accessory I have no idea what its for, and a stand; bonus that comes from figma is the bag that you can use to store faces and the hands. Now give or take, this is actually not the most I have seen Figma supply, but it's definitely everything I can ask for.

First face is an extremely expressive happy face. Definitely like this one since it seems to portray the jovial and spunky side of Tracer.

Out of all of them, this is probably my favorite one. Tracer does not have a serious look in any of faces given, but this is probably the closest one. She has a smug smirk, but still serious, as if she's ready to kick some butt.

This is her neutral face and my least favorite one. Still good though. And throughout all the alternate faces, the transparent goggles, the trademark hair, and the pretty face is consistent.

Tracer's design is actually one of the more 'grounded' compared to the other characters of Overwatch, believe it or not; of course, for anyone who breathes air must have some knowledge of Overwatch, miniscule or grand it may be. But Figma really does a good job making every detail of Tracer exist in plastic form. The intricacy of Tracer lies in both her coloring and all her nifty gadgets and they are all present, at least from my knowledge. And with Figmas (and most imports), unless you are talking about repaints or characters that are 'reimagined' or what not, a lot of the molds and sculpts are original. Maybe the pegs and some parts are reused here and there, but for the most part, a lot of the pieces are going to be unique to the character. Tracer with all her quirks to her character design gets her own set of intricacy. Her body mold is also fitting for the character type, which I love since Tracer is a pretty healthy looking female character.

The logos and writing are well done throughout the figure. From the UK flag, to the Overwatch logo, and to her name on her left leg, they're all readable and not a single thing off about them. Attention to small details is what Figma is really good for; in my opinion anyways.

What did I say about a nice body mold?! At any rate, paint application is done quite well honestly. One of Tracer's main appeal in terms of her design for me are her color combinations. She has a nice juxtapose of dark colors and then some really vibrant ones. Those hot pants area really bright! Not to mention, Tracer has white peppered all over her costume design (love those shoes too), but the hint of grey, the dark brownish-olive color of her jacket, and then the bright blue arc (reactors? ha!) on her chest evens it out. All in all, she's supposed to be a brighter themed character--matches her personality and just how vibrant she is, but again, the darker colors really does a fine job evening her out and not making her look too much. As a #Figma figure, she is painted well and I love that!

With articulation, I'd say Figma is a brand I know will do this department well. In all my years collecting Figma, they have provided with good products that has great pose-ability. The joints are reacts well and I mostly get the pose I want for the characters. Tracer is no different. I won't get too boring with usual bending leg, head pivot, swivels, etc. There's nothing surprising about how Tracer poses (that doesn't make it a bad thing), some other Figma figures do have their own perk, and that all depends on the character/s. While I don't find anything 'unique' with Tracer, let me just state that anyone wanting to get some in-game shots can pretty much replicate a good percentage of Tracer's exuberance within their grasp!

And while Tracer doesn't come with a ton of accessories (had no idea how to use the other accessory, so it won't be in the photos), her guns, the faces, the hands, and the figure stand does more than enough to really compliment the figure's pose-ability. Figma's stands always does justice to figures and someone like Tracer who is a very dynamic character truly benefits from this. I had a ton of fun posing this character around and it just goes to show that it's not the quantity I really gripe about with higher end figures; it's about quality and meaning.

It also helps that even in neutral stances that she poses quite well. So yes, suffice it to say, I had a ton of fun with Tracer's photoshoot.

An appealing character, check. Nice details, check. Adequate accessories, check. Pose friendly for action figure photographers, check. Figma Tracer has all the qualities that I expect and want out of an import. Figma doesn't disappoint at all and I highly recommend her to any Overwatch fan(Tracer fan, Figma fan, etc). Anyone looking to jump into Figma, Tracer is a good start since she is standard for Figma. Rest assured that disappointment is slim to none with this awesome figure and this marvelous toy line!

Until Next Time!

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