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Final Fantasy: 35 Years Old

Well, Final Fantasy turned 35 years old! There's so many words from me but I can't do this series justice by just one post! All I have to say is that through the ups and downs, through my life changes and shifting points of view, this game always remained strong, whether OP support or front and center tanking it! Congratulations, Final Fantasy. Many victory fanfare for sure! With that said, here are some cool announcements:

Future Releases

This is actually a pretty recent announcement and something I'm pretty excited for. The whole "PS4" thing might seem strange, but I'm sure I can play it on my PS5. Final Fantasy VI is the game I'm going to dive right into!

Summer of 2023 is going to be wild! With this game just right around the corner, things are going to be shaken up with the most recent addition to the Final Fantasy series! Of course, I still have to preorder it and I'm contemplating which copy I'm going to get!

Okay, should I say more about this game? I am pretty excited for this game, for sure. Here's to hoping we get more news soon!

Obviously I'm not going to show ALL off my Final Fantasy commissioned piece. But here are some of them!

Well, I can celebrate Final Fantasy all day and night but as of right now, this is where we are going to stop! Thank you, Final Fantasy and all the folks (past, present, and future) responsible for making this series possible! Victory Fanfare, for sure!

Until Next Time!

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