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Final Fantasy Creatures: Yuna Floral Fallal

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

An oldie of mine. From the old and discontinued series "Final Fantasy Creatures", here we have Yuna from FFX-2 with her Final Dressphere: Floral Fallal. Without further adieu, let's check out this figurine, shall we?

This is actually a pretty unique box compared to the other FF Creatures I had collected in the past. From what I can gather, this particular set (or maybe just the "Dressphere" FF Creatures) is rare.

I guess I should point out the whole 'Fan Book' logo. There's actually a small book inside; it's more or less a guide to what else you need to buy. Also, the figurine and the prototype have distinct differences and I will point them out. Also, this is definitely an import for sure--if the texts don't give that away right off the get-go.

The Ultimate Dresspheres, I felt, wasn't worth using most of the time. They're all for show and believe me, I do enjoy Yuna in her Floral Fallal form. At the end of the day, they were a bit more complex than actually useful. But hey, who am I to complain when Yuna came out with the white dress and was surrounded by a gigantic magical flower behind her? In terms of figurine form, it does look quite a spectacle. All things considered though since details are limited due to the size (more on that later). The details there are done quite well. The sculpting work definitely tries to imitate the extravagance of Yuna's ultimate Dressphere--more noticeable is this fact with the dynamic dress that is floating about and the ridges of the flower all around her. The base looks organically wooden, which she doesn't really have in-game; she's mostly floating. Yuna herself does leave something to desire but given the limitations, she's not too bad, really.

The sculpting on Yuna's clothing and the petals is just something to admire

The color choices for the plastic, the paintwork, and that transparent petal really sell it! Even if Yuna's face leaves plenty to desire, I do believe that the coloring is done as well as can be for such a tiny figurine. Though there is some discrepancy with the coloring compared to the final product. The buds floating around Yuna are white/pearl in color while the prototype shows blue. Not too much of a big deal since the entire package came out well. The ivory clothing next to that colorful and transparent flower is something I really can't help but adore.

For a size comparison, this is FF Creatures Floral Fallal Yuna next to an average 6-inch Marvel Legends Modular Iron Man. One can really see just how tiny Yuna is.

A classic figurine that I've had in my collection for a long while now. I definitely enjoy this one and I do wish I can track down and nab the FF Creatures Machina Maw Rikku. But these things are damn near antiques so hunting them down requires cash and patience. Still, for those who are a fan of FFX-2 and all the glorious Dresspheres, do try and get this and the others. I'd say they're worth it.

Until Next Time!

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