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Marvel Legends: Modular Iron Man

Updated: Sep 17

Yes, that's right! A #Marvel_Legends in 2021 on my blog and in my collection! Yeah, they're a rare sight but I do snag some that either mean something to me or my favorite gals. Modular Iron Man is definitely something special so let's just get on with the review, shall we?

Let me just mention now that this is part of the Ursa Major #BAF set. This figure doesn't get a piece of the Big Bear though; it's one of those action figures that Hasbro knows people will buy because of the namesake. And as far as Modular Iron Man goes, he has been on my WISHLIST for some time and I'm sure on many others. It has a special place in my fandom because it was part of the '90s--the era of comic books/TV shows that brought many of my hardcore fandom to my adulthood. Not only that, this armor is also the armor he wore during the Marvel Superheroes and the Capcom VS days. He has a lot of weight this armor carries and I'm very happy to actually have him now in plastic form.

The rest of the series is pretty forgettable, honestly. The Stealth Armor tickles my interest, Ultron, and for some strange reason, so does Ironheart. All in all, the BAF is nothing that grabs my attention.

Swappable hands and repulsor blasts. Standard and even after all these years, this is something expected.

Back in the day, Iron Man's armor molded his body--and yes, Stark was quite the bodybuilder back then. That was the armor design back in the day and it worked. It's slick, it's simple, but it's got some small flares that really make it better than his previous armors, I'm very happy that #Hasbro was able to replicate as much of it here. With some sculpted parts unique to the Modular Armor, and some a body type that really nails how this armor is usually depicted in the pages and screens, I really do think that his is a visually aesthetic action figure. The helmet is one of my favorite designs from the armor and Hasbro nailed it with this action figure. The shoulders are a bit weird but I understand they did it the way they did for the sake of articulation (more on that later). All in all, I'm really happy with how it turned out. Not much to complain about!

Even the little rivets on the side of his helmet is present here!

The colors really make this action figure. The metallic red and the gold really give him that Iron Man look that is rarely done (or done right) with this price point. Very few mishaps on the paint job and the plastic/paint all looks right the transitions between the gold and red are seamless and definitely something I appreciate.

Articulation is still good for Marvel Legends' standards. The limbs do the standards we would expect from a male action figure from Hasbro and most of the sculpted unique pieces for Modular Iron Man don't hinder--the only funny thing is the shoulders which aren't bad by any means but because they went for the sake of articulation, it does have some funny angles and it looks spirited from the rest of the body. Definitely not how it should look. But it's easy to hide with certain camera angles so I'm not complaining.

Superior Attack!

The repulsor blasting effect does its job and the closed fists add variety. As usual, more accessories can always help but the ONE thing I'm really aching to have is his gosh darn Proton Canon!

Seriously! Can we get this please in action figure form? OH YEAH. Wrong armor, dudes!

All in all, it's definitely a Marvel Legend I appreciate in my collection. It's not breaking new ground but it definitely is something that I have wanted for a long time now! Nostalgic, painted majestically, and given the bells and whistles of a typical Marvel Legends, it's a must for any Iron Man fan who remembers the Capcom VS days and/or the animated series. Can't say the same for the rest of the wave though.

Until Next Time!

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