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Collection: Wishlist

It's kind of a dry spell with toy reviews, isn't it? While there are some things that are coming, for now, we're going to just go with speculations, wants, and absolute need. In this post, I will list the characters that I desire to be in action figure form and I will also get some insight on what can make them better as an action figure. SO, with that said, let's just get on with the wishlist!


Terra Branford: Playarts Kai/Bring Arts

Shouldn't it be obvious that I would be wanting another Terra Branford action figure. I wouldn't mind if #Figma take reigns on Final Fantasy characters but Square Enix keeps tight reigns on their property. I would imagine if there is any hope for my wish to come true, let me keep it within the Playarts Kai and Bring Arts realm. Terra obviously had a Playarts Kai treatment so if they were to give Terra some love again I'd want an alternate outfit. Of course, I would want her to be in her Benevolent Maiden outfit and wouldn't be nice to go with variant colors? And if they DiD do Terra in action figure form again, I would prefer:

  • Bring Arts -While it's a new toy series, there is some potential. Also, the smaller, the easier to display her without taking TOO much space. Also, Bring Arts a little cheaper.

  • More accessories -It's no secret that Playarts Kai version left much to desire. Lacking alternate faces and special effect definitely hurt Terra's #Playarts_Kai grade. So for Terra's second run, I would want this to be rectified.

  • Benevolent Maiden -Seriously! Has to be this outfit! My pick is the red, but again, if they were gracious enough to do variant colors, that would be amazing!

Rikku X-2: Playarts Kai/Bring Arts

This is also obvious! The Gullwings were the first to be introduced in the Playarts realm, and that was before the first Playarts, long before when they were "KAI". With that said, it's kind of a crime that Rikku hasn't gotten any love since those times and she's definitely in dire need of an update considering that while I love that action figure (I haven't review it, mind you), it lacks a lot of what makes modern action figures great. So here are my thoughts on Rikku's reintroduction in the action figure world:

  • Bring Arts -I'd definitely prefer her to be in the Bring Arts realm. As I mentioned with Terra, smaller action figure means more convenience in terms of space and not to mention cheaper. Rikku's not a caliber character compared to someone like the FFVII characters so the new toy series like Bring Arts, a toy series that Square seems to be experimenting with characters/series would be perfect for Rikku

  • Accessories -This is a given as expected. The original release only had two pairs of alternate hands and it was okay at that time. Nowadays, for imports, alternate hands and swappable faces/heads are a must.

  • Articulation -There was a time when keeping aesthetics and articulation in one plastic body is an impossible thing. It's either one or the other. Obviously times have changed and we have toy lines like #Figma, #SH_Figuarts, and even #Playarts_Kai that can have both beauty and posability. For someone like Rikku, we are going to need that if Rikku gets re-released.

  • Details -The original Playarts of Rikku isn't by any means a bad looking figure. Honestly, that's about what it had going for it. But there are some things missing like Rikku's spiral green eyes, the paint job didn't have the shadowing details that we would expect to these days, and all in all, it's archaic looking even if it does look good. If Rikku is redone in this day and age, I am more than positive that Square Enix can pull it off!

  • X-2 Thief and Other Dresspheres: Okay, we're not getting Dark Knight or Berserker Rikku, that's pretty damn obvious (SHAME!). But wouldn't it be a great to have them? All of them? That's a really big wish, I know. So with that said, my MAIN want is a redone Rikku in her default X-2 Dressphere: The Thief.

Elsa Olaf's Adventure Dress: Funko POP

I'm not sure why this particular outfit never and doesn't get the love of Elsa's main dress. It might have something to do with the backlash from having Olaf's Frozen Adventure as an intro to Coco, but honestly, that doesn't mean that this lovely winter dress can't cash out. To be honest, I'm not even asking for a flat out articulated action figure like #Figma or even a detailed statue. I just want a #POP version of her... I mean Frozen Fever Elsa got one and I think that's not even close to being as aesthetically pleasing like this one. Come on, Disney and Funko! Let's get this into action figure!

Elsa Frozen 2: Figma

We're going to get a POP of Frozen 2--of all the characters, that much is obvious. Elsa already has three outfits that we know about which consists of: the burgundy dress, the "beach outfit", and her "full dress". With that, I know we'll be getting those in some figurine form or another. Now I have the #Figma Elsa from the first Frozen. I love that thing flaws and all but I think Elsa's full Frozen 2 dress is perfect for what Figma offers. She's not going to be hampered with a large cape that is awkward to plug in, her lower dress isn't going to take away from the articulation, and not to mention, there are small details that Figma is more than able to take on and make right. To have a Figma Elsa, we need a few things:

  • Accessories: This is a given considering I'm wishing on a Figma. I'd like to keep the same things that made the first Elsa Figma worth it: alternate head and faces, snow effects, and the articulated eyes. To amp it up, perhaps a better version of the snow effects, and swappable torso and legs to give her the 'beach wear'. I know the last part is asking for much, but hey, if #BringArts can do it with 2B, no reason why Figma shouldn't be able to do it.

  • Accuracy: It's going to be a given that Figma is good with details but there was something off with Elsa's first Figma coloring. I want that rectified, please.

Spider-Woman: Hot Toys/Mafex

A #Hot_Toys is asking too much. Jessica Drew ain't going to get that much love until we get a MCU version of her. But I can wish, of course. Though as much as speculating what she would look like in the MCU, I would rather like a classic comic book version of her and #Mafex seems like the toy series that can make that happen (under the idea that my wish comes true). They're tackling comic book versions of characters like Spider-Man, Venom, Wolverine, etc. They even did one of the obscure (sort of) Gwenpool. Jessica Drew NEEDS this treatment! So in order for her to be an appropriate action figure in this day and age, Jessica Drew needs:

  • Accessories: If she ever becomes a Hot Toy, all of these would be given. Mafex style, she'll definitely need alternate hands like venom blasting hands, closed first, crawling fists, etc. For her Venom blasts, I would prefer them to have more than one style, maybe a blasting version and/or energy crackling in for her hand (could be a hand itself and the effect just permanent attached). Alternate head would be fantastic! Masked and unmasked! If they want, maybe a Veranke version as a homage. Folded and unfolded web wings, of course, would be necessary to truly hit the mark in this area.

  • Articulation: She needs to be able to show spider-y poses like crouching. She also has to be able to stand in an appealing manner since Jessica has that body language. Articulated hair since Jess's hair is pretty long. That can get in the way if there's no articulation.

Final Fantasy Gals: Kotobukiya Bishoujo

This has to happen. Seriously! Square Enix, you need to loosen up and let Kotobukiya do the deed! They'll do these lovely gals JUSTICE! I know Kotobukiya van do the Final Fantasy series a fantastic Bishoujo look.

  • The ones I want first: Terra Branford (Benevolent), Rikku (X-2), Ashelia, Cloud of Darkness, Tifa Lockhart, Iris Amicitia, Shiva (Dissidia NT), Yuna (X-2), Fran, Oh god... I can't stop listing! Vanille! Lightning! Agrais Oaks! And on, and on, and on.

Modular Iron Man(90s): Marvel Legends

The first male on the list and it's of course, Iron Man back when I first truly got familiar with the character. Iron Man is still in hot iron with the aftermath of #Endgame and #MCU in general so we're going to be getting more Iron Man action figures in the future near and far. I know that #Hasbro is going to be riding the wave. I don't want a super complex or too expensive action figure of this armor, so of course, I am eye'ing the Marvel Legends side. Here's some things we need:

  • Accessories: Hasbro is a 30% good accessories to 70% bad/lack of accessories when it comes to their mainstream action figures. The lower number is usually what we get. Repulsor blasts, some boot jet fire effects, and an alternate comic book Tony Stark head. Come on, Hasbro. Do this right.

  • Details: Paint job is one of the Marvel Legends' weakest area. Most of the time they're mediocre, which is why I want the Modular Armor to get some love. Get the paint right, Hasbro! Get some metallic red and gold on him! And please, sculpt the panels and arc reactor!

Iris Amicitia: Bring Arts

We are back to Final Fantasy, aren't we? I know, I have Iris in the Bishoujo wishlist, but hey, I can have FF gals in any form especially if they are my favorite gals. Iris Amicitia definitely does not get the spotlight. Doesn't help that FFXV didn't paint her in the best light and it doesn't help that FFXV became what it was: a divisive Final Fantasy. Still, there might be something to an action figure of Iris. I happen to love the character a lot. She ain't no Rikku, but hey, she'd be fantastic as an action figure. The standard 'must' with accessories and details should apply for this BringArts.

Spider-Men: Mafex

I'm definitely reaching out to the dark with all these Spider-Men I want to see in action figure form, but hey, we're getting Tom Holland's Spider-Boy left and right so why don't we go back to the comic book roots? I won't get too specific with the 'must' since Mafex is pretty good with making their action figures be enjoyable. Though with certain characters, they have a certain 'quirk' that MUST be included to make them more than a 'repaint' kind of deal. I have a few more favorite Spider-Suits, but we'll be modest.

Iron Spider (Comic Book)

There are other action figures of the Iron Spider that take liberty on making the Iron Spider look more 'armor-is' and 'MCU' Iron Man looking. While there are some that look amazing, I do believe that there is something to admire in the comic book version's aesthetics.

  • Details: Need to stay as true to the comic book look. That means the three waldoes(who are allowed to have those mechanical details), the metallic gold that can be paired up with a flat but still bold red paint color.

  • Accessories: Alternate hands and an unmasked head would be nice. Webbing and maybe as a homage, we can have a Captain America shield.

Symbiote Spider-Man

This spider-suit has been done a ton of times but not with the "Mafex" quality treatment, and that is a MUCH needed thing in the collecting world. The blue print is already in place. Just take the classic blue and red Spidey that Mafex made and just give him a black treatment. There are a few things I would think that would make him stand out:

  • Details: The black painting should have some shadowing. Not necessarily metallic, but it shouldn't look too plain. I would also like the white eyes, the squares on his hands, and the spider symbol to be sculpted rather than just painted in.

  • Accessories: Webbing, alternate hands, and a symbiote unmasked head. Some black goo to symbolize that the symbiote is moving or used as webbing would be fantastic.

Scarlet Spider (Kaine)

Do I love Kaine Parker. I'm glad that Hasbro redid him in Marvel Legends form and I love that action figure. Though I do feel that Kaine Parker's Spider-Man run needs a Mafex treatment. There are certain things I would like for him to get if we are going to see him in a high quality action figure.

  • Details: Kaine doesn't have a ton of things that makes his costume complex but what it has are those bold red and black color scheme. I really want them to get a good shade of red with some shadowing The spider emblems should stick out in their respective colors.

  • Accessories: The usual, of course with hands and heads. Though with some of his alternate hands, he should have those bone claws that the Marvel Legends was so kind to stay true too. And as for one of the unmasked heads, I want a haggard and a semi 'other' looking head, as if he is about to turn into a man-spider.

X-Force Wolverine: Mafex

Yeah this is my favorite Wolverine outfit! I just want Logan to get the treatment of the Jim Lee Wolverine while wearing this Black Ops outfit!

Final Fantasy Characters: Funko POP

This is another series that I collect that doesn't feature any Final Fantasy characters. Funko POP has Kingdom Heart characters, which I don't collect, but no Final Fantasy? Yeah, that needs to change immediately! Obviously I'd prefer Terra Branford and the FFVI crew and/or the FFX/X2, but chances are, we'll get FFVII and honestly, I'm fine with that!

Empowered: Something? Bishoujo! Figma!

Oh man! Empowered does not have ANY merchandise at all, least, none that crossed my path. I am in dire need of one. Of course, my main pick for how I want an Empowered action figure would be a statue and preferably her in "Distress". Action figure form like a Figma would be a bit different, but if they do go that route, she'll need to have the usual bells and whistles but one thing:

  • Special variant: I don't mean a separate action figure! But special torso, arms, face, and legs that shows her bound and gagged. Would be difficult which is why I'd prefer her to be in statue form.


Okay, so that was long and winded but I just needed to get a wish list out there. I know some of these are pretty far fetched but I can see Modular Iron Man and the Elsas to be a bit more realistic. Still, one can wish, thus why this is here. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, Toy Gods! Make some of these (all of them) happen! I NEED IT!

Well, that's about it!

Until Next Time!

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