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Marvel Legends Sp//dr BAF: Scarlet Spider (Kaine Parker)

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

"All the power, none of the responsibility..."

My favorite version of the Scarlet Spider! Kaine started out as kind of a weird addition to the Spider-Man lore. A failed clone who ended up returning to Spider-Man's life to ruin the both Peter Parker and Spider-Man. After a few years of just lingering around, Kaine finally got his own identity, donning the name "Scarlet Spider" after Ben Reilly (another clone). Well, enough of that! Let's talk about the New Marvel Legends Scarlet Spider!

When Kaine Parker started wearing this costume as the new Spider-Man of Texas, he was always marketed as the 'grittier Wall Crawler'. Slogans like "All the power, None of the Responsibility" or "Does whatever a Spider(man) can't" really set the bar as to what he was going to be. I'll be honest, I didn't really read any of his comic books. Maybe I will, but I just like the cover arts, and I really like Kaine's costume. Red and black are good combination-- Kaine sports said colors, and he does so with simplicity but still filled with a genius touch to it. The black really does a fine job juxtaposing the dominance of the red all over. The other thing is just how much more ruthless Kaine compared to Peter. The name 'Scarlet Spider' sounds a bit more 'dangerous' and 'clandestine' like... which is what I would imagine Kaine was all about when he was web-slinging around Texas.

Very nice and ominous promotional pic of Scarlet Spider. Though I'm not a fan of the lighting for this one. It's not as natural as the other promo pics.

Swap outs for hands and faces/heads are always a good thing. While I could be that kind of person right now and say I wish we had more, I'll just appreciate what we received. Though a thwipping hand is always a must for a Spider-Man and we received none.

Hey look! A Spider-Man like character that doesn't have the Pizza Spidey mold! But funny thing is that this body mold is only familiar to me through two other Spiderverse related Marvel Legends, so, there you go. This body might fall into the curse of "Spider-Man" related character, but at least we can say that there are varieties! I like this better for Scarlet Spider since he is my one of my top favorite Spider-Man (or at least the costume). To put it on a body that isn't as used as the Pizza Spidey works. It's muscular but still lanky enough to fit the Webhead body idea. The feet might look a tad big, but overall, it's not a bad looking body. There's nothing 'new' in terms of sculpted parts save for the new heads and the new hands. I might have liked it better if the spiders were all sculpted, but hey, that's just me asking too much.

As it goes with the costume's design, there isn't a lot of color variety. It's red and black, so that part #Hasbro got right. I suppose the red spider on his back could get another coat of red, but it's not too bad. The paint that we get is clean and the red plastic isn't that bad. I do wish it's a darker red and less orange, but it is what it is, and again, it doesn't look horrible.

As far as the alternate heads go, the unmasked one is something we have seen before with the Marvel Legends Cosmic Spider-Man, but this time, it's altered to give it the unnatural look of Kaine. It's not as deformed, but it works. He looks like a Peter Parker but someone who looks like they've been through less super models in their life. The masked head is also something I like since it's not just a typical Spider-Man head. The eyes are not symmetrical and it gives Scarlet Spider 'emotion' even with the mask on. I suppose a 'normal' alternate masked head that has the mundane Spider-Man face would do some good, but honestly, I'm completely okay with what we got.

With articulation, I think this figure really appeals to me and to anyone who likes to pose their figures. He has the expected range of movements and the one thing about this body mold is that he has the butterfly joints which really helps getting some Spidey poses.

The alternate stingers does something different for a Spider-Man figure. Though it is kind of odd that we get a Spidey figure without thwipping hands.

Here is the new Scarlet Spider next to the older one from the Rocket Raccoon wave. I definitely think that the new Scarlet Spider is superior in more ways than one. Articulation, aesthetics, accessories... so Superior Scarlet Spider?

"No More Clones!"

Yes, Superior Scarlet Spider, indeed!

If it's not obvious already, I really like this figure. Yes, reused mold, not a LOT of new things, but with a clean paint, the accessories given add a layer to the character, AND it's a Spider-Man I really like, then yes, this figure hits the mark. I know it's just me being biased to a character I really like, but as an action figure, he didn't do too bad. Well, one more figure and then it's the BAF!

Until Next Time!

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