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Frozen 2: Trailer Analysis

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Oh wow. An analysis! My second one on this blog that I will go "in-depth" with what we are given within the Frozen 2 Trailer. Yes, "trailer". The FIRST ONE was a teaser. Again, big fan of the #Frozen franchise, flaws and all. The House of Mouse is most likely aware that they fumbled quite a bit with the first Frozen. I honestly feel like they're diving deep with this and creating the lore that we really didn't get first time around. With that said, let's dive right in!

The trailer starts about the same way as the teaser did. Elsa facing the massive body of water in front of her and all.

Once again we are treated with the scene where Elsa undoes her braids and puts it in a ponytail. Other than it looks amazing, I'm more than sure that this will garner more than a few dolls, variant #POPs and just about every kind of merchandise that one can think of. I'm not opposed to it but I do wonder if this is just for this scene that I am now convinced will be part of the movie.

But this is where the trailer starts to wander off into new content. Right after Elsa went under, she is met with this horse-like water entity.

So I can't quite put my finger on what this horse is about. In the first Frozen and the two shorts that followed, nothing about horses or anything of the sort was even remotely mentioned. I mean, there were horses, obviously, but nothing to the point of being a symbol. Again, this horse creature is lost on me. I have two guesses:

  • Perhaps Elsa and Anna's parents had something to do with horses? Considering that they passed away in the ocean, this might be a representation of them trying to 'talk' to Elsa.

  • The horse seems to appear in a later scene (which I will touch base on). Might just be another element of the story specifically for Frozen 2 so trying to tie it all together won't make sense right now.

Eventually Elsa gets some fresh air, still highly confused like the rest of us as to what the living heck is that horse in the water. (A water horse?).

The scene changes to the trolls while Grandpabbie was narrating mentioning something about the past isn't what it seems. We get a glimpse of Elsa in her younger days and Elsa's Mother.

This is obviously a flashback and just from Grandpabbie's words, seems like Elsa's mother may be hinted at knowing more than she was allowed to show in the first movie. Not much to go off in this scene but I do hope on a few things:

  • They give a bit more clarity as to why Elsa's parents THOUGHT that the way they did things--isolation of Elsa and keeping the sisters apart--was the best way to handle the situation.

  • The reason for Elsa and Anna's parents traveling was for something closely related to the plot of Frozen 2. Basically, I want to give their "deaths" meaning.

Is the water scene BEFORE or AFTER this scene?

Next sequence shows Elsa "talking" exuberantly to apparitions that I can only speculate are her powers reacting to her emotions. The horse appears and some figures that will be "revealed" later in the trailer. I can almost say that this scene is a song sequence and it might precede the conversation with the Trolls.

The elder Troll tells Elsa and fam to head "North" through the enchanted land and so they did. Also, that's Elsa's ice castle in the distance. Wonder if that's even going to be featured in the movie other than that glimpse right there.

I can see that we will be getting an Olaf and Anna moment. And did Olaf build the ice canoe? Or did Elsa? And why did they split up? Was it planned separation or forced?

Now when Grandpabbie mentioned "to be careful", that same purple fire from the Frozen 2 Teaser starts causing havoc everywhere. It's also seems like the same forest from the aforementioned teaser. Now the one thing that wasn't shown in the teaser was the fact that Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Sven, and Kristoff were not alone. There are people in that forest as well. They look like Arendelle folks? Can't quite see.

Scene "A"

The next scene shows Kristoff springing into action with the aid of Sven. They dash to rescue Anna who is standing on a snow covered ground and in the background, we have Elsa who appears to be down, or something? Maybe scene from above is after this:

I have a few observations that gives me the impression of that order.

  • Judging from how exhausted Elsa looks in Scene "A", it might be because she was fending off the flames in Scene "B".

  • Scene "A" also has Elsa, Anna, Sven, and Kristoff clearly visible but Olaf is nowhere to be seen. Could Disney have melted Olaf in Scene "B" and Elsa is on the ground because she is both exhausted and mourning?

Definitely convinced that this is an Elsa solo song. Can it top Let it Go? Love the snowflake design around her!

I skipped a few scenes as much as I didn't want to BUT there are more critical things that happened in these scenes. First of all, Elsa does something and these glowing ice constructs start floating about surrounding Arendelle. Whatever Elsa did, it literally starts hovering EVERYWHERE (I wonder if some of them will travel to Southern Isles?)! Now besides Elsa's (most likely) exuberant singing, these glowing orbs poses enough of a commotion that causes (most likely) to wake Anna up. Something that we saw in the Teaser:

The one thing to note in the teaser was how worried Anna looked. In fact, Anna seems to have a serious demeanor throughout the teaser and the trailer; I mean, we only see glimpses of her presence so I'm sure she'll have some goofy moments in the movie.

Next we see Elsa and Anna approaching this barrier made of fog--also four pillars of stones that have the same symbols on the ice constructs that Elsa made(?). I want to point out that:

  • Elsa knows how to open the barrier for some reason.

  • Elsa is the key to open the barrier.

  • Anna looks absolutely worried throughout the entire time while Elsa has a bit more of an excited and determined look to her.

  • One scene shows only shows the sisters but the next has all of the crew (except Hans). Has to be the same scene but edited.

The one thing I find REALLY interesting is that during the scenes where Elsa is singing and the sisters finding the gateway to the Enchanted Lands (I assume), Grandpabbie says these words:

We have always feared that Elsa's powers might be too much for this world. Now we must hope that they are enough.

Grandpabbie's first sentence about fear harkens back to the first Frozen. Okay, fair enough, I get that. Now the second sentence.... about hoping that they are enough. Enough for what?

We go back to the scene that takes place when Grandpabbie is narrating and we have Anna telling the elder troll that she is going to protect Elsa (how?).

Then we are given a glimpse of a giant creature gallivanting around the woods that Elsa and company might be in. It's quite obvious that whatever or whoever they may be, they're not exactly on Elsa's side, at least not right now. They are the same creatures shown in Elsa's 'singing' sequence. The horse and these giants seems to have a prominent role in this movie. Also, they look like Marshmallow for some reason.

And the trailer closes with the Frozen logo. Honestly, there are plenty to take from it and more questions to ask. Personally, I have the same feelings about the movie as I did with the teaser they showed: I'm Excited For It. It feels like an Elsa story. It's going to be ABOUT her, the origins of her power, and it looks like they are going to build on the Frozen franchise's lore. Something that I am really looking forward to. And, yes, more Elsa! I can't stop this feeling that it's going to be WAY better than the first one. Well, November 22 here we go!

Until Next Time!

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