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Funko POP: Anna (Frozen 2)

You know it's actually pretty funny that it took me so long to get an Anna #POP but in 2022 here I am with one. It's her Frozen 2 iteration (her main outfit) and there is a reason why I waited so long to have one. Regardless, let's get right into the review, shall we?

To say that Anna used to one of the Frozen characters I couldn't stand is an understatement. I just didn't think she deserved her spotlight in Frozen I and as the years gone by, I started warming up to the notion because i started to really understand BUT it's when Frozen II came out and I watched it, her aesthetics, her arc, and the fact that she had more sense than Elsa at times... I appreciated her more; dare I say, I even consider her as one of my favorite Disney Princess (Queen). I still don't agree with Frozen II's ending, but that's just me, of course. As far as POP, I was having a hard time deciding on which one I should get of her, ultimately, I decided to get her "standard" Frozen II outfit for a myriad of reasons. All in all, I like how it looks aesthetically.

We all know I have all of Elsa's Frozen POPs (the Coronation Elsa with the globe an scepter still alludes me). I do have an itch on getting the young Elsas as well.

As I mentioned, I like this outfit a lot. It's very 'mature' and out of the norm for a "Princess" outfit. It's also got some discreet by fantastic designs that contrasts Elsa's usually "extra" decors on her dress--a lot of it not missed by the paint job that this POP received. The pose is really nothing out of the extreme since it is Anna's default pose during Frozen 2's promotional season. It's safe, it's familiar, and it's fine. I don't have any qualms with it at all. The one thing I will say with this is that the braid that wraps behind Anna's head has some good sculpt details. Also, it's a reminiscent of her classic pigtails.

Anna's freckles are really prominent--accurate to the character and good paint job details.

The colors picked and paint job really does the character justice. Again, I am a huge fan of how Anna looks in the second movie and also quite a fan of her growth as a character. I don't see any major paint discrepancy and all in all it's a job well done.

And here is POP Anna next to POP Elsa & Bruni (Target Exclusive). They look good next to each other, truth to be told.

Well, there you have it! Anna is now part of my POP collection and I know it took a long time. By now a lot of people already have this POP but if you don't, do know that it's decent and one can find it for a good price! There are other versions of her like Elsa in POP form but I think I might just stick with this. Definitely like this one.

Until Next Time!

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