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Funko POP: Beta Ray Bill (Walgreens Exclusive)

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Here's a #POP I wanted the moment I saw it! Also, it just came to mind that I don't have any of the "Trinity" Avengers other than Iron Man. I'm not sure if I'm going to change that any time soon but... here's Beta Ray Bill in POP form! Let's get to it, eh?

So this is another Walgreens exclusive. I found Beta over here in the wild so maybe one can find him on the website. Seriously, Walgreen's got some good stuff in terms of #Hasbro exclusives. At any rate, in terms of this character, I will say that I am not the most versed in terms of Beta's lore, I can say that I actually think he is a bit more interesting than Thor at times. Maybe it's his look, but I found myself far more invested in him. Not sure if the #MCU will give him the same grace, but we'll see.

This is a one-shot special with the first appearance comic book as a design in the back of the box. These #Funko boxes tempt me to keep these POPs inside the box, but alas, I'm not that type of collector.

I love Beta Ray Bill's costume! It's just like OG Thor's but with a flare that deviates from Odinson's design but still keeps him Thor-like. I always thought Thor's original costume was off and a bit too cartoon-y to really take him as a Norse God, even if his costume was a relic of its time--so to see it on a character like Beta, it just looks right. Not to mention, I definitely like his hammer, Stormbreaker.

Once more, Funko manages to translate Beta Ray Bill's look just fine within its stylized figurines. The details are there where we need them and the wings on the helmet look amazing. The little sculpt on his costume brings out his details, the way the crease of his cape, and that expression on his snout, truly a good-looking POP. The pose is something I like as well. It's not spectacular or something completely dynamic but it is fitting for a Thor-like character. It's a heroic and intimidating pose. It's like Beta is getting ready to fight but is waiting for the right moment. The cape isn't neutral and it has a small movement. Also, Stormbreaker makes it.

I mean, just look at that transparent lightning effect! Look how imposing Stormbreaker is! Again, it makes Beta's pose a bit more dynamic even if he isn't doing anything spectacular!

Beta's colors are vibrant and it translates well. The paint job for my POP is actually quite clean so I have no complaints about that. I think it just adds up quite well making Beta Ray Bill stand out as a Marvelous character, but again, he still gives off an imposing look. The contrasting bright colors and the look of Beta just mix together!

It's pretty obvious that I like Beta Ray Bill as a character and as a POP. I definitely recommend him for Marvel POP collectors. Being a Walgreens exclusive doesn't exactly make it easy to get but not very hard to find. Get him! Now I just need a USagent and I'll have the secondary 'Trinity' of the Avengers!

Until Next Time!

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