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Funko POP: Bulma (Bunny Outfit FYE)

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Here we go! Another #POP! This time, it's another anime character from the Dragonball universe! With that said, let's get into it, shall we?

It's an FYE exclusive. I wasn't even aware that FYE gets its own exclusive POPs... and it's the first time I ever came across the store in person. With that said, caught my eye so I went for it. I watched some episodes of the original Dragonball and one can say that Bulma existed as the fanservice eye candy we needed! Helped that she wore a lot of different outfits too.

Not much with what's in this particular series. Probably not interested one bit.

A Playboy bunny outfit on Bulma! I don't remember this moment; for that matter, not even sure if this is even an anime moment. Regardless, Bulma gets a provocative POP and I'm all for it. As a POP, it does look pretty good. It still retains some of the sexines that the outfit comes with while remaining as appropriate for a POP merchandise as possible. I do like the sculpting to the hair, the bunny ears, and the different parts making up the figure is quite obvious--but some of it works to Bulma's appeal. Her legs protrude, looking like she's got the proper hips. The stance conveys an annoyed and unwilling Bulma; it's a simple stance but it does show a bit of the situation and Bulma's personality. I adore it.

One bunny ear is folded while one is standing tall; shows 'personality'.

The colors are actually is actually quite good. Bulma's hair, at least in this phase, was some kind of green tint and that's done well here. I love the dark contrast of her bunny outfit and all in all, they all look pretty clean from my end. No complaints.

Here is POP Bunny Outfit Bulma next to POP Super Saiyan Vegeta. Amazing that these two end up getting together and, you know, having kids. Vegeta definitely needed someone like Bulma to calm him down.

It's a nice little POP. I don't have a lot of anime POPs and she's a good addition. She's simple and I needed to add a female Dragonball character. I'm curious about the episode/moment when Bulma did wear this outfit though. All in all, definitely not a must-have, but a neat little find for me.

Until Next Time!

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