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Funko POP: Carnage

When we are talking about the first offspring of Venom, there is only one: Carnage. This deranged individual has been haunting the pages of Marvel Comics for some time now. He's also made his appearance in merchandise in all areas so having a #POP version of him is not out of the question. With that said, here's my review of Funko POP Carnage.

Cletus Kassady is one crazy mo-fo, there's no question about that. Before he bonded with a symbiote, he was a deranged serial killer that had a lust for human blood. Giving him a piece of the Venom symbiote only gave him more means to do the unthinkable things he did. His name: Carnage fits him just fine. I haven't been the biggest fan of Carnage for some time now. The "Maximum Carnage" storyline (along with the SuperNES tie-in video game) was probably his biggest shine for me, other than that, he's just too inextricably attached to Venom. Him constantly appearing in a Venom story is almost as suffocating as Joker who can't seem to leave the Arkham series. But that doesn't mean I never separated myself with how awesome Carnage looks. Red, blood, messy, and his hands/fingers can turn into blades? Yeah, Carnage has always been my favorite aesthetically. I mean, his look has been cloned before with the other offsprings in some way or another.

I've already talked about in my POP Venom review abotu which one I'm interested in. But there is a wave 2 of the Venomized Marvel Characters in #POP form, so yeah.

In my previous Toy Review on #Pop Venom, I mentioned how I was completely fine with the fact that most of #Funko's work went into Eddie Brock/Venom's handsome mug. And that opinion still stands as of right now but having Carnage in my possession and out of his box fives me something to give Funko a praise for. There is a LOT of sculpting with Carnage--and I mean A LOT. One of the most intricate details I have seen in a POP in such a long time. The black lines all over Carnage in this POP are all sculpted; another layer of plastic that are all over Carnage! Now while the body has all the sculpting that really makes him stand out, the face, everything happening all over Carnage is just impressive. The layers of red and black just adds that vile and intimidating look that Carnage has. While he doesn't have the flaring tongue that Venom has, Carnage definitely has a lot to make up for it with all the things going on with the symbiote wrapping all over Cletus' face.

The pose isn't as dynamic, just like Venom, but again, Carnage's overall design done by #Funko gives this #POP depth. Not going to say a lot more than that. He has an imposing enough stance and he looks great with all the details placed on him.

Again, plenty of care and details with him!

My only complain with the coloring is that we don't get to see his yellow eyes and that's not #Funko's fault because Carnage's full face isn't on yet. Other than that, the choice of plastic does just fine and it truly looks like Carnage. And I always thought the pink contras on the rough adds something beyond the brooding red and black theme.

Here is POP Carnage next to POP Venom. Venom is usually bigger than Carnage, but this works just fine.

Overall, I have had some good hits with the last two POPs I own. I think Funko is doing a fantastic job. I'm not sure if the Venomized versions of the other Marvel characters will have as much of an impact like these two "OG" Symbiotes, but I'll see. I do think #Funko should check out the other Symbiotes like Lasher and Scream. I'd like that. In the mean time, I can definitely recommend Carnage. Well that's bout it!

Until Next Time!

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