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Funko POP: Catwoman (BTAS)

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

This is my favorite Catwoman version for more than enough reasons! It also helps that Batman The Animated Series was just one of the many things that sparked my fandom way back when. I always planned on getting this Catwoman POP, and here she is! Let's check her out!

Going off theme of the animated series vibe, the box art definitely gives me that nostalgia feeling. I remember the intro scene, the music, and Batman kicking criminal behinds. I also remember the first episode that Catwoman was introduced... and I also remember one of the BEST episodes that has Catwoman in: Almost Got 'im. Maybe I'll get into that reason someday.

The Phantasm was a pretty cool Villainess that I might want. That Robot Batman may also be cool, but now that I think about it, I don't have a Batman POP that is 'recent'. I may need to rectify that.

Catwoman's design in the animated series is simple, but for me, this is the case of "simplicity is genius". Earlier iterations of Catwoman had a lot more going on with her costume, long skirts, cape, or what not, but I am a firm believer that later versions (like the animated series Catwoman over here) were highly inspired by Batman Returns' Catwoman. It's simple but sexy, her costumes pays homage to her moniker, and it benefits what her main role will be: an agile, quick hitting, nimble antiheroine. While the Animated version of Catwoman isn't primarily black, she does carry the whip, the claws, the blonde hair, and obviously the sass and sexiness. Good inspiration, if you ask me.

Part of what makes this design so flattering is that it fades together quite well. She isn't dark and dreary as her Batman Returns counterpart, but she definitely is not decked out in purple and gold (she returns to purple later in the comics, but that's a different story). I love the grey as a dominant color, and I love the highlights black as her gloves, boots, and the contrast on her mask. Of course there is the lone color of gold around her waist, which balances the palette a bit. Funko did the colors right and I get a clean matted grey along side metallic painted gloves and boots. No complaints on the color department.

Pose wise, the sass is more than fitting for Selina Kyle. Catwoman cocking her hip to the side while holding her whip in a dangerous and playful manner can't be anymore perfect for a neautral-y stance. Sexy and dangerous. If POP were given facial expressions, I'm sure Selina would have a sensual look, as if trying to distract her opponent before whipping them to size; literally.

And here she is next to POP Batgirl from the same animated series. These two were beauties from the show, that much is certain. They had one great episode together, and I adore how much Selina played with Barbara's emotions. They did manage to find themselves in some distress, thanks to their guile and headstrong attitudes. They were lucky Robin was there!

I knew I was going to like this POP. With this version of Catwoman hailing from a legendary times of animated shows and one of the pinnacle of Batman for my generation, she was bound to be liked. Great pose and great color applications, Catwoman was not going to escape my collecting syndrome. Those who do not own POP Catwoman, you need to have her! Especially for those who are fan of the character and this era of her appearance. Can't guarantee she'll make as great of an entertainment as she did for Harley in that one episode. Well, that's about it!

Until Next Time!

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