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Funko POP: Disney 100 (Elsa)

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Got ourselves another #Elsa #POP! The funniest thing is that a good friend of mine actually found this for me. Didn't even know she existed! So with no further delays, going right into the review!

Based on the scenes from "Let it Go", this Magic & Transformation moment definitely is pivotal to Elsa's arc. The song itself defines Elsa and since #Frozen was a juggernaut, Disney definitely had imploded to the next step since the introduction of everyone's favorite Snow Queen (admit it, you adore her). Smart that they decided to allow Elsa to celebrate this monumental number for the House of Mouse. While there are many moments they could've taken for Elsa, this is definitely quite fitting. That and it's more Elsa merchandise for me so I am not complaining--not one bit!

I'm sure there are other key Disney characters helping celebrate 100 years of Disney, for sure. But all I really want is Elsa. Well, I might want Walt Disney and the Hot Topic Mickey Mouse.

I have a lot of Elsa POPs, mind you. And I will continue to eat them up! This particular Elsa, this pose, this moment it pays tribute to, this is all monumental for me and as I mentioned, definitely something important for Elsa. I love it. It's Elsa's moment of transforming her dress (her sleeves to be exact and right after, her cape appears behind her) and letting go of all her fears (supposedly). Very synonymous with that "here I stand" swagger, Funko ensures that the majority of the magic would be captured within the realm of the POP. There are the swirls of ice effects, the transparent cape, and that walk! I do enjoy this and appreciate Funko's dedication. The sculpt of the hair, the details of the designs on Elsa's cape, it's all done so well. It's been pretty much consistent with the POP line-ups of Elsa--something I will always appreciate.

Love that transparent cape!

She's got the snowflakes on her platinum blonde hair and it's all so accurate. The color on her cape is also quite spot-on, and then the transformation between solid color and transparent cape. It's all done so well. Definitely a good-looking Elsa POP.

Here she is for POP Elsa (Frozen 1) and POP Elsa (Frozen 2). That first POP Elsa's skin is an odd choice because Elsa's skin color had always been pale white--like she's some kind of Frozen Snow Queen or something. Between 100 Disney Elsa and Frozen 2 Elsa though, it's pretty consistent. I do think that using that color was far more complimenting for the lovely Queen of Disney.

She's a must. I needed to have her. I can't thank my friend enough for finding her and getting her for me! The 10th year of Frozen is coming up soon so I'm hoping for more Frozen shenanigans. Also, Frozen III on the horizon! Good time to be an Elsa fan.

Until Next Time!

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