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Funko POP: Eddie Guerrero (Gamestop Exclusive)

Well, I don't normally have #WWE merchandise nor do I even talk about my (former) fandom of Professional Wrestling other than the one tribute to Undertaker--truth to be told, I stopped being a huge fan of wrestling since the Attitude Era ended. But I do believe I'll be adding in some Wrestling #POPs soon enough and we will start with the late Eddie Guerrero (RIP, sir).

Eddie Guerrero isn't my favorite wrestler but he definitely is someone I respect. He was a big-time performer during the heated days of the Monday Night Wars between WWF/WWE vs. WCW Nitro. When he jumped ship, he still had a lot of weight to pull and eventually, he became a top star, something that he wasn't getting from WCW. With all that said, Stone Cold Steve Austin is the one wrestler I want in this POP series, for sure. But we'll see if I can find another version of Stone Cold. Also, HBK is another one I want.

I will definitely look for a few more WWE characters. But I will be very selective since I really don't have the room for more POPs.

Since this is a Gamestop exclusive, this POP comes with a special pin in dedication to Wrestlemania XX.

Wrestlemania XX has significance with how Eddie Guerrero defended his championship against Kurt Angle. I didn't personally watch the match but it's held to high standards which is most likely why they highlighted that event through a pin.

Eddie wore plenty of different outfits through the years of his wrestling. However, the red, gold, and black coloring with the "Latino Heat" alias stuck with him after he became a headlining talent for WWE. It was also during this time that he started highlighting the top of his hair. Funko definitely got his likeness with his most well-known, mainstream look. The pose, I feel might be representing the way Eddie used to pound his chest with his fist. It works. Not like they can mimic his frog splash move without giving him a stand of some sort.

The paint job is clean and the colors used really replicate the late Eddie Guerroro's color scheme. I think in this department, Funko really did well. I can't complain.

I do like this POP. The character--the person has significance to my Monday Night Wars viewing way back during the 90s. This one, funnily enough, isn't mine but a good friend of mine. She's going to be keeping him inside the box, where she and I can keep the late Latino Heat in our hearts.

Until Next Time!

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