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Funko POP: Frozen Elsa (Disney Princess Diamond variant)

Well, I've had this #POP for a while now and it's about time I got on with the review, eh? And what do you know? It's another Elsa! Well, that shouldn't be a surprise. With all that said, let's get to it, shall we?

This is indeed an Entertainment Earth exclusive. It's also a variant of another POP I own that I will get into later. Needless to say, this will be a quicker review since it's the same POP but with a layer of fanciness.

And much like before, I'm sticking with just Elsa for this series. It should come as no surprise that I decided to go with Elsa.

Alright, so I've had this POP before as I mentioned so it's going to be pretty quick. So the selling point of Diamond Variants is the shiny/sparkly coat that is placed on the POP. Most of the time, or depending on the character, they only put it on the clothes and not on the actual skin/face. Makes sense for Elsa to give her dress a bit of sparkle, but it definitely doesn't make sense for her Coronation Dress. Her 'Snow Queen' outfit definitely gets the dazzles because it's when she shows off her fanciness (See POP here).

Could use more flare with her ice magic

Really looks nice on the cape. Also, love how Funko really went in with the attention and even gave the string tied to her hair a bit of that diamond dust (seriously, that's a good pun). The Crown also looks better in this color. Shame though that the details that were missing before stayed missing.

Here is Diamond POP Elsa "Disney Princess" next to POP Elsa "Disney Princess". I'll say it right now, certain parts look better with the diamond while some, like the snow, definitely should've stayed the same. I'd recommend the original since the details that are there are more prominent than the original version. Though the cape and crown definitely do shine better with the Diamond.

Verdict? A must? Well, for me it is. Without bias, if I was a casual Elsa fan this would be an easy pass. While the diamond looks great, it does look a little sloppy and some of the details get lost. But-- it IS Elsa so for me, definitely an easy purchase. I'm pretty happy. Also, she's going to be displayed MIB!

Until Next Time!

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