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Funko POP: Frozen Elsa (Disney Princess)

When I found out that they were going to release another Elsa #POP, I was happy. When I found out that it was going to be Elsa in her Coronation outfit, I was even more excited! So here its is in my collection! Let's get into the review, shall we?

This is one of my favorite outfits for Elsa. I like the colors, I love the over all look, I like what it represents, it's also the outfit she starts off with when she started singing her iconic song: Let it Go. For a long while, this was my Elsa look--even in my (now abandoned) Frozen Skyrim fanfic, this was her main outfit for the majority of the time. There was just something very special about it and getting another POP with all the updates and lessons that #Funko went through, another Elsa POP would do some good! And good it does!

And while this is a "Frozen" line of POPs, it's released and marketed in the same spirit as the current "Disney Princess" series. And look, this one has the Coronation Anna. I'll probably pass on that one though.

The ice effect is also nice

I love all the little intricacies of this dress, especially her Arendelle logo on her cape. For the POP new release, there are some details present, and some that lack a bit. The small crown is present, the blue 'string' that held her hair i na bun, and the designs throughout her skirt and cloak--again some areas are lacking. Though I'm not going to complain that much. The one thing I will say that I like is the pose! It's taken directly from her Let it Go segment when she first sang those three words, right before she took off her cloak. Not an exact copy, of course, but definitely taken from that! While that song may not be my favorite Elsa song anymore, it still is iconic and still represents a huge aspect of Elsa and her character growth to who she is now--and who she will be. The snow she is standing on is also a nice touch and a welcomed departure from the usual transparent figure stands. Then again, Disney Princess line gets those fancy stands anyways.

Now if I was to point out a few things, I feel her cloak should be a bit more vibrant--right color, but it lacks the flare that it did in the movies. Also, the Arendelle symbol--- leaves plenty to desire. Though that's me being too picky. All in all, the colors are good enough and it looks like Elsa in her coronation outfit.

The ice effects, as I mentioned, is done with some effort. The snowflakes dancing with her powers are definitely a nice little touch!

Here is the new POP Coronation Elsa next to the original POP Coronation Elsa. The two have pros and cons but I will say that I like the coloring more on the original one--the designs are sharper and the voice for the crown makes the detail stand out.

Here she is next to POP Frozen 2 Elsa (Some Things Never Change). Big party events in Arendelle some odd years apart. One can see the difference in Elsa's personality, eh?

And then here she is next to POP Frozen 2 Elsa (Epilogue). The hairstyle says it all, doesn't it? The then and now thing.

Necessary? No. But I appreciate it. Better than the first POP Coronation Elsa? Not at all. But I still wanted it. Will it please Frozen collectors? Chances are, no since it is missing some things that made the first one better. But all in all, I'm glad Funko made it (still going to grab that other POP Coronation Elsa). Now, if only Funko would ONLY make a POP of Elsa's Winter Dress! That would be fantastic!

Until Next Time!

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