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Funko POP: Elsa (Epilogue)

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

The (for now) the last #Frozen2 #POP of Elsa. I hope not, but considering that this is based on Elsa's epilogue dress, I'm not sure what else they can do. At any rate, it's obvious she would be in my collection so let's get right on the review!

I have a love and hate relationship with the ending of Frozen 2; true, I believe that it's one of my favorite movies and I think it's a better experience than the first, all in all, I feel like Elsa separating from Arendelle in the second movie is a bit... too soon. With that decision, her new hairstyle is an exact representation of it so, love and hate. Now don't get me wrong I still think Elsa looks gorgeous with her hair down. I think Elsa's new outfit isn't that bad either, but again, I'll always prefer Elsa with her braids. Again, love and hate relationship.

I'm more than positive that I will not be getting any more from this wave. Nothing against Anna since she was fantastic in Frozen 2, however, I am an Elsa fan/completionist after all.

Elsa epilogue outfit seems to fit the idea of the "Snow Queen" more than any of her other outfits. I don't know why but it just generally looks the part. As a Funko POP, it's not that bad looking. I will say right off the get-go that the pose seems a bit too mundane and tense for Elsa. It's not a deal-breaker or anything of the sort, but it doesn't suit Elsa, at least not when we are talking about the context of this outfit. This is supposed to be her outfit when she's 'happier' and free. This rigid stance doesn't quite capture that ambiance. But other than the pose, everything else is done in the way POPs always do them. The sculpted details that we have come to expect are there and the accuracy in regards to the source material is there. No complaint in regard to that area.

The left side of Elsa's long hair is the only reminiscent of her old braids. I'm glad that Funko kept that prominent.

Colors are pretty good--again, they are faithful to the source material. The fading colors between lavender, white, and small hint of blue is done quite well. It's accurate to the best of Funko's ability. Just shame that the pose somewhat makes the coloring slightly fall flat.

Here's Epilogue Elsa next to the (standard) Frozen 2 Elsa and "Dark Sea" Elsa. Funny how Epilogue Elsa is the only one that doesn't get a transparent base.

Here's Epilogue Elsa next to Elsa & Nokk.

Overall, that pose they chose is something that baffles me. Am I disappointed? Well, no not really. Most of my qualms do come from how Elsa ended up in the movie. All in all, it's a good addition to my Elsa #POP collection. Not my absolute favorite, but definitely a good addition. I recommend her to any Elsa fan for sure.

Until Next Time!

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