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Funko POP: Gingerbread Thor (Diamond exclusive)

I know, I know! The Holidays are over (unfortunately). But This is the time where I start reviewing my from Christmas! Part of my SPOILS from 2021, let's get on the review with one of my few Holiday themed #POPs!

Thor has pretty much become a household name--huge part in thanks to Chris Hemsworth and his #MCU portrayal, of course. Needless to say, with popularity, his merchandise came crashing through in the multitude. Holidays are hardly spared with MCU/Marvel merchandise so to have this one released is not at all surprising. Also, this is a variant with the 'sparkles' flare to make it more Holiday-esque friendly! I do adore Hot Topic's partnership with Funko!

I'd definitely want to get the Black Panther and Iron Man! Would I wait until 2022 Christmas though? Hardly that far away since life seems to move in fast-forward.

They went with the classic Thor look and that's definitely not a bad choice at all. Since it's the comics, it can fit into a lot of goofier tone and gimmick-y vibes. And none can be more gimmick than a Holiday Spirit! As with this theme, it is Thor in gingerbread form complete with gold locks and Mjolnir and all. The costume that he wears are all icing made, his hammer is a candy cane with a delicious looking blue gummy bedazzled and all. Clever and well done and the mold for this thing is quite unique considering that it is a gingerbread figure rather than the common humanoid body. It's recognizably Thor even if it's a gingerbread made in his stead.

His pose is nothing too unique but it works. The natural stance does allow the POP to be shown with all its detailed glory.

Now because this is a special edition, I believe the regular version looks a bit more like a gingerbread in color rather than a glorified Christmas ornament. Though I'm not going to knock the paint job and the colors on this one because it does what it's supposed to do. The costumes looks like frosting and the color chosen are vibrant, while at the same time, they look sweet and certain angles, edible. The glitter is done well in all areas of Thor. And that candy cane Mjolnir! I adore it!

Here he is next to POP Beta Ray Bill. Isn't it odd that I don't have a regular Thor POP, MCU or comic book? Odd. And I don't have the need to change that.

While, in my opinion, well done and meets the criteria, I understand that even for me this is not exactly a must buy. He's seasonal and won't get displayed two out of the twelve months (max). Not everyone is into the Holiday Themed POPs either so it's an easy pass. That doesn't mean I don't recommend him for Thor fans and collectors who get into the holiday spirit with their collection. Who knows? Maybe this December I'll get into more of these Holiday themed POPs, eh?

Until Next Time!

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