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Funko POP: Harley Quinn (BOP)

Another #POP of Harley Quinn in my collection, I know. She's an easy one to collect since she has so much merchandise out there. Her POP presence alone is in abundance and that's also a force to be reckoned with. With the recent "Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey" out, she was bound to get more from Funko. I got the one I was the most interested in, so here we go!

For a moment, I was actually thinking of keeping this gal inside the box. Why? I know it's not a special edition or what not but the design of the box is just well done. The Birds of Prey marketing has never been that impressive with me but the coloring scheme, especially when its paired with Harley Quinn, is always something that caught my attention. The colors are vibrant and the images of (I assume) Harley Quinn's lips adds a bit of seduction and personality to a movie that seems to lack anything special for me. The other thing that really makes this #POP stand out in the box is the background behind the actual figure itself--has that rainbow-foil look that truly corresponds with the colorings and fonts all around the box. And while I didn't keep this POP MIB, the fact that I thought about it because of the design of the box is something.

The chances of me getting other in this line is pretty slim. I personally liked Harley's look in Suicide Squad and the things she wore in Birds of Prey ain't cutting it for me. Huntress and Black Canary don't look any better either. It's like they made ZERO effort to do what the MCU does and that is balance between "realism" and comic book aesthetics. And, no, I don't want hyper sexualized girls--though admittedly that's always a plus, but honestly, I just wanted a Huntress and Black Canary that I can somewhat recognize. The designs look worse look uninspired and people complained about how the characters looked in Suicide Squad.

The design is very "Rebirth" feel, at least to me it does. The first thing that really reaches out to me is the wonderful outfit that she has on. It has the red and black color scheme, homage to her original jester outfit, and then, of course, she has the roller skates. To complete the whole roller derby look, she has this helmet on with yellow caution tape all over it and duct tape--I'm assuming this is movie accurate because I haven't seen the movie. Even if it's not, I care not because I like the look. Fishnets and all. Also, Harley still retains the blonde with pink and blue highlights that she had during the original Suicide Squad film. I like the design of this POP, which is why I chose this POP among the other ones that are available.

Harley's pose is actually pretty sassy and not as dynamic as one would imagine a hyper jester would be in. While the fact that she has roller skates on perfectly lends itself to an action pose or what not, Harley Quinn is surprisingly just standing there, arms crossed, looking pissed and/or being a complete instigator. I like it--a lot. And can I just say that Funko should stop not providing figure stands? Harley here definitely came with one but there seems to be a few POPs I'm running across that don't come with one.

The colors are impressive. Every choice of color for every piece is well done. I can talk about the red, the well painted fishnets, and/or the nice transitions of her pigtails with much praise, BUT, I'm going to point out the helmet.

The helmet just looks convincingly colored like there's actually yellow caution tape and silver duct tape! Well done! I just love it!

Here is BOP Roller Derby Harley Quinn POP next to SS Harley Quinn POP. I know I always say that #POPs don't have the best details in their hair sculpt but just comparing these two, it seems I need to appreciate the growth #Funko has made through the years!

Out of all the Harley POPs from the BOP line up, this is definitely the one that sticks out to me. As a moderate Harley fan, I can't say that this is a must but I will say that it's amazing addition. I can definitely recommend her since she has both comic book and movie flare to her that isn't too plain as some of Harley's look/costume in the recent BOP movie.

Until Next Time!

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