• Onyx

Funko POP: Harley Quinn (PX Exclusive)

Adding another Harley Quinn to my already crowded (or was when it was on display) Harley paraphernalia, I can't get enough of the Clown Princess of Crime! I love her Rebirth look since it's basically an amalgamation of her Margo Robbie and Classic Harley look! #Funko #POP is very generous with their Harleys and this one had to be a must-have for me. So, let's check her out!

This isa "PX Previews" exclusive and I was not at all knowledgeable what that is prior to this review. Looking it up, it reminds me of an online merchant like Entertainment Earth. They sell action figures, statues, etc that revolves around the usual fandom that is popular these days. Harley Quinn is definitely part of the mainstream fandom so to have an exclusive of her from an online store is a given. I might check out the store when things are right with me and see what they got going on.

Again, I think this is one of Harley's better outfits. There's no doubt that the blue pigtail is a homage to Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad. As far as I know, Harley never sported that color prior to Margot's portrayal. The rest of her outfit has a bit of aforementioned inspiration with the jacket and the booty shorts--but the color is obviously classic Harley. Definitely a good look for Harleen.

My other POP Harley Quinn Exclusive also has the same idea in the back of the box with the whole "DC Superheroes" and then an art representing exclusive Harley. Not really revealing any other figures since this i