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Funko POP: High Priestess (Samurai Jack)

This is a #POP that took me by surprise. And as I get to the review, I'll explain why I just stated that. Without further adieu, let's get into the review, shall we?

I know. Why have I not watched a single episode off Samurai Jack, right? It's an animated show about a Samurai that gives very little to no -you know what-. From what I heard, while stylized, the animation is pretty sharp and fitting of the show's theme. But alas, never did get to it. However, I did come across this POP and let me just say, it's more than meets the eye.

Will most likely only stick with the High Priestess. Got her on a good deal too so there was no reason to say no.

A woman in a black dress, a peculiar red mask, and some spikes on her headwear/hood. She also holds a staff that is jet black like the rest of her. Simple design, right? Yes. But in her POP form, there's something very photogenic about her. She just really sticks out on the white backdrop and with that face, it really makes for a juxtapose that is just perfect. She has a simple pose, which is never really a bad thing as long as it serves a purpose and/or really allows the character/figure to be complemented. And as far as sculpting, the High Priestess isn't complicating, but the little that is given does make it stand out a bit more. Bravo on simplicity--just genius I'd say for what it is.

I already mentioned how the colors meshed so well, and it does. While simple as it is, all black character with a red/pink face, there is a certain flare to the way the coloring is done, more obvious on the face. Again, I'm sure it's all character design but I love the two-tone used on her face. Makes the black stand out even more.

Here is POP High Priestess next to POP Hela (one of my very first POP reviews. Wow). They kind of have the same aesthetics so I thought to compare. Also, I don't think it would be far fetch to think they share some similar personality quirks, right?

She might be a stand out for this year, I don't know. There's just something gratifying about how simple and yet how photogenic she is for me. Also helped with the discount price that I got her for. Well, she may not be everyone's cup of tea, but there is definitely something to be had with this one! I'm pretty pleased, for sure.

Until Next Time!

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