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Funko POP: Iceman

Since it's winter time, it's quite fitting that we have ourselves Iceman blasting his way with ice sled and all. #POPs are a common thing in my collection this year and so let's take a gander at Bobby Drake's #POP reimagination!

This is part of the 80 Years celebration of #Marvel and with how grand Marvel has become, they want to touch base on a certain mutant team that just literally assembled back to the "Marvel side" of things: The X-Men. Honestly, Iceman here was going to stay inside the box initially. The box had a really neat and simple design but it popped when it needed to.

It's the back of the box that really makes that classic 'collectible' look. It's got a nice shine on the fonts and then that classic comic book cover! It really made it hard for me to not keep Iceman in the box!

And while we don't have a 'list' of the other characters in this series, it's pretty obvious that we have the original X-Men in their original outfits--though Iceman is a bit different because he doesn't have his boots and he looks more ice in this #POP rather than snow. Sadly, I don't think there is a Magneto in this series.

The one thing about this Iceman POP that really intrigued me is the fact that Iceman is really unique. Not only in his pose and the base stand that he has, but also in the choice of plastic and the added detail on it. Iceman has this transparent look that usually doesn't look that good (#Marvel_Legends, looking at you) because you can see joints, or just really make it look 'plastic-y'. I know it's a toy, but part of the joy of some of these toy lines are the way they can hide things like joints, etc. While there are some things like the gap on the side of Bobby's head and so on, but for the most part, the plastic isn't jarring and it's absolutely convincing that we have a person covered in ice ready to go complete beast through an Onslaught saga (that's a pun). I was a huge fan of Iceman back then and I have always wanted him to get into the A-list but alas, he was never really written well after a certain time--he got lost behind the scenes of the jungle of Mutants. However, I do enjoy the action figures that we have gotten of him. Least there's that to go with.

I can't honestly be happy with the pose they gave us. This is classic Iceman--using his powers to travel across the city. The way he is crouching and the ice sprouting out of his hands is just classic to me. In his other hand is a snowball insinuating that this is definitely a battle scene.

Now while I am highly adoring his look, the way there are sculpting on his skin to make it look like hard nice, the transparent plastic peppered with some 'snow' paint, the one thing I will say is that this is an inaccurate representation of Iceman at this point of his appearance. Iceman back in the early days of X-Men looked more like a snowman with boots. I am not complaining since this is one of my favorite looks for Bobby Drake but to anyone who are purists that are collecting all of the classic X-Men, this might prove to be problematic.

I'm not going to complete the set but I am very happy to have bought Iceman. Again, as a former huge fan of Iceman, I think this is a good homage to my former favorite character. Great choice of plastic, fantastic pose, and great paint job, I have to say that this is one of the unique #POPs I managed to gain this year! I highly recommend him to anyone who are into collecting Marvel/X-Men POPs.

Until Next Time!

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