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Funko POP: Iron Man (First 10 Years)

Another #Funko #POP! This particular piece I've had for some time but it's only recently that I decided to start my review on it because of, well, time. Without further adieu, here we go!

This particular #POP is part of MCU's "First Ten years" celebration. Marvel went far and wide with how proud they were with their 10th year milestone with their movies and it showed with just how many companies participated; #Funko is one of them. For a few of the popular and well known characters of the MCU, Funko gave them a gold chrome touch... reminds me of some prestige trophy that one would win from a nomination of some sort. It's a nice little specialty look. That and for Iron Man's case, he has worn all-gold armor before.

And some of the most household MCU names get 'the treatment', though I am not sure how much I am into all of them. Iron Man is just fine as he is for a myriad of reasons.

As far as what armor this is, given that it's in the "Civl War" series, it's MK XLVI or Mark 47. Again, after a certain point, it got harder to distinguish Stark's armors from each other. It might have stood out a bit more if it was all gold, but that would be considered the throw-away armors he had waiting around in Iron Man 3 (Silver Centurion, RIP).

First 10 years may not have a staggering importance in terms of profit in the future (although, I don't collect for that reason anyways). I do believe I will be keeping it inside the box because it looks a bit more prestige kept within. Again, not really expecting to get anything out of my collection but it does look good inside a box. The details with this thing is all there like the sculpted lines and the such but with the reflective chrome gold, it's hard to decipher.

Well, not much of a review with this #POP. But he'll stand by my other unopened #POPs somewhere. I recommend this to anyone who collect the special chrome versions; as to the notion of whether or not he should be opened or left in the box, that's all in how one collects and prefers to display.

Until Next Time!

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